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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jacques Gendron & Marie Therese Asselin

234. Jacques Gendron & 235. Marie Therese Asselin

9/18/1762, Jacques born in St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Canada; s/o 468. Jacques Gendron & 469. Marie Francoise Mercier.

11/14/1763, Therese born in La Durantaye, Canada; d/o 470. Noel Marie Asselin & 471. Marie Angelique Gautron La Rochelle.

1/22/1782, Therese married Jean Baptiste Pare.

5/21/1784 in La Durantaye, Jean Baptiste Pare died in St Francois parish.

4/4/1785 in St. Michel de Bellechasse, Quebec, Jacques married Therese. All parents named. Jacques father present. Therese’s previous husband named. Therese’s father present. A dispensation of the 4th degree was required. (S) PRDH #61767.

12/7/1796, Jacques a resident and cultivateur of Sts Gervais et Protais. (S) PRDH.

11/30/1797, Jacques was absent from the baptism of daughter Marie Francoise.

4/22/1811, Therese died in St Michel, Bellechasse (La Durantaye).

8/31/1839, Jacques, age 77, spouse of Therese Asselin, died in St Michel, Bellechasse.

(S) PRDH: Childrens’ births.

Children of Jacques and Therese:

i. Francoise Gendron, born 1/30/1786 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada. [Died a child.]

ii. Therese Gendron, born 8/20/1787 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada. [Died a child.]

iii. Marie Marguerite Gendron, born 4/5/1789 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada.
8/9/1814 in St Michel, Marguerite married Joseph Corriveau.

iv. Agathe Gendron, born 3/13/1791 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada.

v. Marie Angele Gendron (117), born 2/3/1793 in St Charles (Bellechasse), Canada.

vi. Joseph Gendron, born 12/7/1796 in Sts Gervais et Protais (Bellechasse), Canada.
1/10/1797, Joseph died.

vii. Marie Francoise Gendron, born 11/29/1797 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada.

vii. Jean Baptiste Emon Gendron, born 11/16/1799 in Sts Gervais et Protias (Bellechasse), Canada.

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