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Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicholas Pyle & Abigail Bushell

2456. Nicholas Pyle & 2457. Abigail Bushell

8/12/1666, Nichols baptized in Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, England; s/o 4912. Nicholas Pyle & 4913. Edith Musprat.

1668, Abigail born in Brinkwarte, Wiltshire, England; d/o 4914. Joseph Bushell & 4915. Sarah Webb.

1682, Nicholas arrived in the Province of Pennsylvania with William Penn. [Penn returned to England in 1684. Penn was again in America from 1699–1701.]

By 1685, Nicholas immigrated to America and settled in Concord Twp, Chester Co., PA.

3/31/1686 in England; George and his brother John Chandler bonded to Robert Pyle for 20 pounds, 12 shillings, payable in America to Robert Pyle Jr. and Nicholas Pyle. [George died at sea before reaching America.]

1688, Nicholas was associated with his nephew Robert Pyle’s anti-slavery statement.

8/29/1688, Robert Pyle of Wilts, England, granted a power of attorney in Chester Co., PA to Robert Pyle Jr. and Nicholas Pyle.

“Nicholas Pyle of Concord, gent., brother of Rogert Pyle, and Abigail Bushell, dau. of Joseph and Sarah Bushell, passed meeting for the second time … marriage permitted to proceed.”

9/12/1688 in Chester Co., PA, Nicholas married Abigail.

1693, Nicholas acquired 200 acres from William Byers.

12/13/1697, John Mendenhall of Concord [which now borders the state of Delaware] released to Nicholas and Nicholas Newland, both of Concord, and George Pierce of Thornbury, and Peter Dix of Birmingham, a tract of land for a meeting house.

1701, Nicholas was a “Provincial Officer” for three original counties of Pensylvania for an “extra session.”

1701, William Penn bought some land from the Indians. “The delicate and difficult taks of removing the tribe of Indians called the Okehockings from their lodges … in the vincinity of Chester … was accomplished by Caleb Pusey, Nicholas Pyle, Nathan Newlin …” (S) The Delaware Indians: A History, by Weslager.

1703-04, Nicholas an Assemblyman of Chester Co., PA.

1710-11, Nicholas an Assemblyman of Chester Co., PA.

5/30/1711, Nicholas erected a water mill on a tract bounded by Concord St., the land of Joseph Edwards, and Mill Creek.

8/10/1711, Nicholas mentioned as assemblyman for Chester Co. in The Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania.

12/13/1713 in Phildelphia, PA, Nicholas married 2nd Ann Webb, widow of John Webb.

1714, Nicholas an Assemblyman of Chester Co., PA.

1715, Nicholas Pyle taxed “for ye mill”.

10/16/1715, Nicholas wrote his will: wife Ann, names 1st wife’s parents, brother Robert, eldest son Nicholas, younger sons Joseph and Samuel, daus. Mary Sharp and Edith, granddaughter Abigail Sharp.

Nicholas named an administrator in the will of Walter Martin, married to Abigail’s sister Jane.

1717, Nicholas died in Concord Twp, PA. (S) Good inventoried.

Family notes:
• The Quaker calendar before 12/31/1751 began on March 25th. Because of this, the dates given, represented as Gregorian Calendar dates are usually off by 3 months.

Children of Nicholas and Abigail:

i. Mary Pyle, born 6/23/1689 in Bethel, Chester Co., PA.
9/4/1713, Mary married Joseph Sharpe.

ii. Abigail Pyle, born 1690-93 in Bethel, Chester Co., PA.
12/30/1747, Abigail married William Sharpless of Concord.

iii. Edith Pyle, born 1/20/1695 in Bethel, Chester Co., PA.
Edith married 1st Thomas Eavenson.
9/4/1715, Edith married Nicholas Newlin.

iv. Nicholas Pyle, born 4/26/1697 in Bethel, Chester Co., PA.
10/7/1721, Nicholas married Sarah Worrolaw.
2/24/1733, Nicholas wrote his will.

v. Samuel Pyle (1228), born 2/21/1700 in Concord, Chester Co., PA.

vi. James Pyle, born 10/2/1703 in Concord, Chester Co., PA.
Died before 10/16/1715.

vii. Joseph Pyle, born 2/5/1706 in Concord, Chester Co., PA.
4/16/1715, Joseph married Sarah Dix.

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