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Friday, July 30, 2010

M: 2452

2452. Simon Hadley & 2453. Katherine Talbot

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1640, Simon born in Somerset, England. (S) Sir Richard Carney, Ulster, 1692 Notebook.

1640, Katherine born in England. [Possibly d/o John Talbot & Mary Fortesque.]

1665-80, Simon came to Ireland from England.

Simon owned fish properties in Dublin and an iron foundary in Kings County.

1680, Symon Hadly submitted a petition to retain a fishery he had built and maintained for 7 or 8 years.

1696, Simon and Katherine joined the Friends MM at Maote, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

11/26/1697, Simon Hadley the elder was also condemned at this time, for acting “contrary to the truth in giving way to his son.” [Simon Jr had married outside the Friends.]

9/5/1704, “'The friends appointed by last meeting to read the paper to young Hadly and his father and mother against the said Symon …” Simon, Katherine, and Simon Jr all mentioned in minutes of Moate MM.

4/20/1710, Katherine, age 70, died; buried 4 days later at the Maote Granoge, an artificial island in a lake.

9/1710, Simon Hadley Sr. was condemned by the Moate Meeting for seeking another wife.

By 11/1710, Simon remarried in a non-Quaker ceremony.

Bef. 6/7/1711, Simon, age 71, died in West Meath Co., Ireland. On this date Administration of his property was granted to his widow Elizabeth Hadley and to his children, John Hadley, Elizabeth Miller, and Jane Kiernan.

Children of Simon and Katherine:

i. Simon Hadley Jr (1226), born ~1675 in Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

ii. Elizabeth Hadley, born ? in Ireland.

iii. Jane Hadley, born ? in Ireland.

iv. John Hadley, born ? in Ireland.

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