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Friday, July 30, 2010

M: 2498

2498. Col. Thomas Wood & 2499. Rebecca Hall

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1638, Thomas born in Portsmouth, RI; s/o 4996. John Wood & 4997. Margaret Carter.

3/1654, Thomas’ father died intestate.

1/25/1655, Thomas Wood received by deed 12 acres on Aquidneck Island from Thomas Manchester and his wife Margaret [Thomas’ brother-in-law.]

3/17/1655, the town council disposed of Thomas’ father’s estate: “To Thomas Wood the land that was his father’s in Newport, 40 acres near William Weeden’s farm.” Thomas was in possession of 20 pounds, and goods and cattle worth 15 pounds associated with the estate of his father.

2/9/1672, Thomas, as a member of a Coroners Inquest in the “Towne of Portsmouth”, found the death of Rebeca Cornell, about the age of “73 yeares”, by fire to be accidental.

2/20/1672, Thomas was a member of a Coroners Inquest again looking into the death of Rebeca Cornel.

6/1675-76, Thomas a Col. in British service in King Philip’s War. [Name for the Wampanoag leader Metacom (or King Philip). The war started an attack on Swansea in June 1675. Metacom was killed in August, 1676, ending the war.]

1704, Thomas died in Swansea, MA.

Child of Thomas and Rebecca:

i. Elizabeth Wood (1249), born 1658 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

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