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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jean Vallier Boutin & Marie Madeleine Isabelle

254. Jean Vallier Boutin & 255. Marie Madeleine Isabelle

12/16/1725, Jean born in St Vallier; s/o 508. Louis Boutin & 509. Marie Charlotte Choret. Baptized the same day, present were his parents, Guillaume Lemieux and Agathe Fradet. (S) PRDH #1638.

5/8/1746, Marie Isabelle born in Berthier en Bas, Canada; d/o 510. Ignace Isabelle & 511. Marie Marguerite Corriveau. (S) PRDH #138014.

11/21/1746, Jean married Marie Madeleine Bilodos in Montmagny, Canada.

7/24/1766, Jean present at the property distribution of Noel Lebrun dit Carrier.

4/6/1768, Madeleine died in St Vallier. (S) PRDH #364843.

4/3/1769 in Berthier en Bas, Jean, widower of Marie Madeleine Bilaudau, married 2nd Marie Madeleine Isabel. Jean was unable to sign his name. The bride’s parents named. Witnesses: Louis Boutin, brother of Jean; and Jean Isabelle, brother of Marie. (S) PRDH #218035.

4/15/1771, Jean attended the wedding of his nephew Louis Barnabe Boutin, s/o Louis Boutin & Marie Meneux, with Marie Josephe Blais, d/o Jacques Blais & Marie Louise Lacroix.

1776, Jean Vallier-Boutin was the Lieutenant in St Vallier under Capitaine Pierre Bouchard.

1/13/1777 in St Vallier, Jean attended the wedding of his brother-in-law, Jean Isabelle.

2/12/1809, Marie died in St Vallier.

1/11/1812, Jean, age 87, died in St Vallier.

(S) PRDH, Family #45947.

Children of Jean and Isabel:

i. Marie Madeleine Boutin, born 5/26/1771 in St Vallier, Canada.
4/13/1793, Madeleine married Antoine Guillot.

ii. Paul Boutin, born 12/12/1772 in St Vallier, Canada.
11/26/1798 in St Vallier, Paul married Marie Rose, d/o Jean Baptiste Marceau & Marie Josephe Boissoneau. Attending were his brothers Jean Baptiste, Joseph Charles, and Francois. Marie’s brothers Francois and Jacques also attended.

iii. Marie Claire Boutin, born 3/25/1774 in St Vallier, Canada.

iv. Charles Ange Boutin, born 10/1/1775 in St Vallier, Canada.

v. Francois Boutin, born 2/24/1777 in St Vallier, Canada.
11/7/803, Francois married Marie Genevieve Gosselin.

vi. Marie Marguerite Boutin, born 5/29/1778 in St Vallier.
1/27/1800, Marguerite married Etienne Cote.
Marguerite married 2nd Joseph Roy.

vii. Marie Rose Boutin, born 8/29/1779 in St Vallier, Canada.

viii. Cecile Boutin, born 1/31/1781 in St Vallier, Canada.
10/26/1807, Cecile married Jean Baptist Carrier.

ix. Simon Boutin, born 10/25/1782 in St Vallier, Canada.
4/27/1784, Simon died.

x. Marie Jeanne Boutin, born 6/3/1785 in St Vallier, Canada. [Twin]

xi. Pierre Boutin, born 6/3/1785 in St Vallier, Canada. [Twin]

xii. Marie Archange Boutin (127), born 4/22/1787 in St Vallier, Canada.

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