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Monday, July 5, 2010

M: 260

260. William Fiers & 261. Lucy Lawrence-Davis

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1740, William born. [Likely in Holland or Belgium.]

1759, William married Lucy.

1760, William lived in Sussex Co., VA.

1784, William listed as the head of a family of 6, in a dwelling with 1 building, in Nansemond Co., VA.

Lucy died.

3/8/1792, William married Sarah Spencer Jackson.

1810, William lived in Southampton Co., VA.

1815, William died in Southampton Co., VA.

Children of William and Lucy:

i. William Fiers, born 10/4/1760 in Sussex Co., VA.
William served in the Revolutionary War and was present at Yorktown when the British surrendered.
12/13/1787 in Southampton Co., VA, William married Elizabeth Spencer.

ii. John Fiers (130), born 1762 in Sussex Co., VA.

iii. Lucretia Fiers, born 3/6/1768 in Sussex Co., VA.
Lucretia married William Spencer, brother of the wife of her brother William.

iv. Andrew “Drewry” Fiers, born 12/5/1770 in Sussex Co., VA.
12/31/1800 in Southampton Co., VA, Andrew married Molly Mary Bishop.

v. Thomas Lawrence Fiers, born 6/12/1774 in Sussex Co., VA.
12/23/1803 in Southampton Co., VA, Thomas married Temperance Vick.

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