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Monday, July 5, 2010

M: 306

306. John Lindley & 307. Sarah Pyle

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10/13/1747, John born in London Grove, Chester Co., PA, s/o 612. Thomas Lindley & 613. Ruth Hadley.

11/10/1750, Sarah born in Hartford Co., MD; d/o 614. Col. John Pyle & 615. Sarah Baldwin.

By 1753, the Lindley’s had moved to NC.

3/16/1768 in Orange Co., NC, John married Sarah.

8/6/1768, John charged by the Cane Creek MM for marrying outside the Quaker community.

11/5/1768, John disowned by the Cane Creek MM.

1775, John commissioned as a Captain in the British militia of NC by his father-in-law, Col. John Pyle.

3/15/1780, John named in the will of his father Thomas.

3/24/1781, John, of Almance, NC, supplied British forces with 42 bushels of wheat for which he later filed a claim against the British government. [1781, John’s father died the day after the Battle of Lindley’s Mill in NC near the family home.]

When the Revolutionary War was embattling NC, which fell to American forces, the family moved to Maryland, and then SC.

1784, John identified in his brother William’s will in Orange Co., NC as having the “plantation joining James Newlin’s”. [William’s son William owned the plantation formerly owned by John.]

7/5/1798, John died in Anderson Co., SC.

Sarah moved with her children to Christian Co., KY.

Family notes:
• Son Simon was a Baptist minister. Her wrote a math book, called a “Cypher”. The last page of the book contains family data including the names of his parents and birthdates of his siblings.
• A grandson, Jonathan Lindley, born 1814, died at the Alamo.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. Simon Lindley, born 1/20/1769 in Orange Co., NC.
7/14/1789, Simon married Anna Stanley.
2/12/1797 in Orange Co., NC, Simon married Susannah Stout.
1807, They moved to IL.
6/5/1809 in Christian Co., KY, Simon married Mary Elizabeth Hall.
8/30/1827, Simon died while a member of the Liberty Baptist Church on Lick Creek, Sangamon Co., IL.

ii. Elizabeth Lindley (153), born 9/26/1772 in Orange Co., NC.

iii. James Lindley, born 1775.

iv. John Lindley, born 1779.

v. Jacob Marion Lindley, born ?.
1811 in TN, Jacob married Clara Anne Terry.

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