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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Joseph Simard dit Lombrette & Cecile Tremblay

456. Joseph Simard dit Lombrette & 457. Cecile Tremblay

7/9/1717, Joseph was born in Baie St Paul, Canada; s/o 912. Francois Simard & 913. Ursule Pare.

4/23/1721, Cecile born in Baie St Paul, Canada; d/o 914. Etienne Tremblay & 915. Marie Fortin Bellefontaine.

1/16/1742 in Les Eboulements, Joseph married Cecile. Attending: Francois Symard - brother of Joseph, Louis and Pierre Tremblay – brothers of Cecile, Jean & Antoine & Pierre Peron – cousins germain of Joseph, Louis & Nicolas & Jean & Joseph Tremblay – uncles of Cecile.

1/16/1743, Joseph & Cecile baptized their son Louis. Attending: godmother was Ursule Pare - grandmother of Louis, widow of Francois Symard.

2/16/1762 in Les Eboulements, Cecile “Tremblai” godmother to Marie Angelique Lavoye, d/o Dominique Lavoye & Marie Rose Symard.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

Cecile died.

11/3/1763, Joseph, spouse of Cecile Tramblay and a widower, married Victoire Desanges Delavoye.

11/27/1764 in Baie St Paul, Joseph attended the wedding of his daughter Ursule, her mother given as deceased.

10/26/1768, Joseph died in Baie St Paul.

(S) PRDH: Family #22677.

Children of Joseph and Cecile:

i. Louis Henri Etienne Joseph Simard, born 12/27/1742 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
2/6/1764, Henri married Felicite Boivin.
6/18/1782, Henri married Marie Juste Gauthier-Larouche.

ii. Ursule Sophie Victorie Simard, born 5/13/1745 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
11/27/1764, Ursule married Louis Tremblay.

iii. Marie Joseph Cecile Simard, born 10/12/1746 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
7/2/1764, Marie married Jean Marc Gauthier.

iv. Julie Constance Simard, 5/2/1748 born in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
1/3/1749, Julie died.

v. Godefroy Simard (228), born 10/26/1749 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

vi. Marie Luce Simard, born 12/12/1751 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
2/6/1775, Marie married Joseph Gagnon.

vii. Joseph Francois Simard, born 11/30/1753 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

viii. Marie Angelique Procule Simard, born 2/1/1756 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
10/13/1779, Marie married Germain Dandurand Marcheaterre.

ix. Etienne Simard, born 11/19/1757 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

x. Marie Elizabeth Simard, born 10/13/1759 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

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