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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eustache Sylvestre dit Champagne & Marie Genevieve Roussin

454. Eustache Sylvestre dit Champagne & 455. Marie Genevieve Roussin

4/1/1708, Eustache born in Neuville, Portneuf, Canada; s/o 908. Pierre Sylvestre & 909. Marie Anne Labadie. Baptized the same day, present were Jean Beslan – a resident of Neuville, Francoise Labadie – maternal aunt, and Francois Labadie – grandfather.

12/28/1716, Genevieve born in Montmagny, Canada; d/o 910. Jean Roussin & 911. Genevieve Pose.

12/29/1716, Genevieve baptized in St Thomas, Comte de Lisle, Quebec.

7/21/1729 in Neuville, Eustache was godfather to Eustache Labadie, d/o Pierre & Louise Gervais.

8/6/1730 in Neuville, Eustache was godfather to Eustache Bellan.

9/2/1732 in Neuville, Eustache witnessed the wedding of Pierre Beaujour & Marie Anne Sylvestre, d/o Pierre Sylvestre & Marie Madeleine Mengou. Pierre Labadie, uncle of Marie Anne Sylvestre was also present.

1/18/1734 in Neuville, Eustache witnessed the wedding of Basile Gregoire & Marie Clement Prou.

10/3/1735 in St Thomas, Eustache married Genevieve. Jean’s father was present. Also present were Francois Pose – uncle of the bride, Joseph Hainse – uncle of the bride, and Nicolas Tibierge – cousin of the bride.

11/1/1736 in Montmagny, Eustache and Genevieve buried an un-named male infant.

10/30/1758, Eustach and Genevieve are present at the baptism of son Nicolas; godfather his brother Augustin Sylvestry, godmother Felicite Gagne.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

7/9/1793, Eustache, age 85, died in Cap St Ignace; Genevieve “Roussaint” his widow surviving.

4/27/1799, Genevieve, age 83, died in Cap St Ignace; spouse of Eustache Silvestre; buried 2 days later.


Children of Eustache and Genevieve:

i. Jean Sylvestre, born 3/10/1738 in Montmagny, Canada.

ii. Augustin Sylvestre, baptized 9/2/1739 in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
10/19/1761 in Montmagny, Augustin married Marie Claire Joncas.

ii. Eustache Sylvestre, born 2/17/1741 in Canada.
1/9/1764 in Montmagny, Eustache married Marie Francoise Fournier, born 6/24/1744, d/o Pierre & Marie-Francoise Couture.

iii. Marie Genevieve Sylvestre, born 2/3/1743 in Canada.
4/18/1768 in Montmagny, Marie married Joseph Boulet, s/o Augustin Boulay, s/o 1992. Jacques Boulet.

iv. Elisabeth Sylvestre, born 1/20/1745 in Canada.
10/18/1748, Elisabeth died.

v. Marie Theresa Sylvestre dit Champagne (227), born 12/18/1746 in Canada.

vi. Marie Madeleine Sylvestre, born 4/20/1748 in Canada.
11/30/1748, Madeleine died.

vii. Barthelemy Sylvestre, born 5/5/1750 in Canada.
9/26/1750, Barthelemy died.

viii. Marie Marguerite Sylvestre, born 3/25/1751 in Canada.
7/25/1786 in Cap St Ignace, Marguerite married Francois Marie Lemieux.

ix. Marie Romaine Sylvestre, born 4/1/1752 in Canada.

x. Marie Sylvestre, born 12/3/1754 in Canada.
12/8/1754, Marie died.

xi. Nicolas Sylvestre, born 10/30/1758 in Montmagny, Canada.
11/8/1784, Nicolas married Marie Reine Gagne.

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