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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Augustin Mercier & Marie Anne Joly

502. Augustin Mercier & 503. Marie Anne Joly

10/11/1709, Marie born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 1006. Vital Joly & 1007. Genevieve Genchereau.

1/23/1718, Augustin, born in St Vallier, Quebec, Canada; s/o 1004. Pierre Mercier & 1005. Marie Madeleine Gagne.

4/17/1746 in Berthier en Bas, Augustin attended the burial of his father.

4/11/1747 in Quebec, Augustin married Marie. Augustin was able to sign his name; both were residents of L’Assomption de Berthier. All parents were listed as deceased. Witnesses: Pierre Mercier, brother of Augustin, Jean Mercier, Joseph Perthuis – Conseiller au Conseil Superior, Nicolas Marchand, Louis Antoine Hertel Derouville, Pierre Marco, Jean Martin, and 2 missionaries.

6/4/1749, at daughter Marie’s baptism: Pierre Mercier – paternal uncle, and Marie Angelique Mercier.

11/28/1750, at Marie Anne’s baptism: Joseph Mercier, Marie Francoise Blay.

10/14/1752, at Marie Anne’s baptism: Joseph Mercier – paternal uncle, Marie Anne Tangue.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

10/7/1765 in Berthier en Bas, Quebec, Augustin present at the wedding of his daughter Angelique.

9/3/1776, Augustin, age 58, died in Berthier en Bas; buried the next day.

5/11/1785, Marie died in St Vallier.

(S) PRDH: Couple #25494.

Children of Augustin and Marie:

i. Marie Angelique Mercier (251), born 1748, Berthier en Bas, Canada.

ii. Marie Mercier, born 6/4/1749 in Berthier en Bas, Canada.

iii. Marie Anne Mercier, born 11/28/1750 in Berthier en Bas, Canada.
12/16/1750, Marie Anne died.

iv. Marie Anne Mercier, born 10/14/1752 in Berthier en Bas, Canada.
1/7/1771 in Berthier, Anne married Jean Baptiste Blais; s/o 500. Jean Baptiste Blais & 501. Marie Marguerite Roy.
7/28/1783, Anne, age 31, died in Berthier sur Mer.

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