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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jean Baptiste Carbonneau dit Provencal & Marie Isabelle Lefebvre dit Boulanger

506. Jean Baptiste Carbonneau dit Provencal & 507. Marie Isabelle Lefebvre dit Boulanger

1703, Isabelle born in Canada, d/o 1014. Jean Lefebvre & 1015. Reine Mesny.

8/18/1704, Jean born in La Durantaye [St Michel de Bellechasse], Canada; s/o 1012. Jacques Carbonneau & 1013. Gevevieve Martin.

5/15/1729 in Berthier sur Mer, Jean, resident of Berthier en Bas, married Isabelle, resident of St Thomas. All parents listed. Jean’s father deceased. Isabelle’s father attended, as did Jean’s brother Jacques. Others attending: Pierre Blay, Pierre Guillemet, Jacques Lavoye.

4/17/1745, at the baptism of Marie Josephe, present were the parents, residents of Berthier en Bas, as well as Joseph Buteau, and Marie Madeleine Lavoye.

1763, by the Treaty of Paris, Canada east of the Mississippi river became the British territory of Quebec.

10/8/1779, Jean, age 75, died.

5/2/1802, Isabelle, given age 101, spouse and widow of Jean Baptiste Carbonneau, died in Berthier en Bas, buried 2 days later.

Children of Jean and Elisabeth:
[Elisabeth had at least 10 other children that died by age 4.]

i. Jean Baptiste Carbonneau, born 1/31/1731 in Canada.

ii. Louise Marie Carbonneau, born 9/9/1732 in Canada.

iii. Pierre Carbonneau, born 12/28/1733 in Canada.
1/9/1757, Pierre married Madeleine Bernier in L’Islet sur Mer.

iv. Joseph Marie Carbonneau, born 9/8/1737 in Canada.
10/22/1831, Joseph died.

v. Andre Joseph Carbonneau, born 2/19/1739 in Canada.
2/24/1739, Andre died.

vi. Marguerite Carbonneau, born 4/17/1740 in Canada.
6/26/1758 in Berthier sur Mer, Marguerite married Joseph Lessard.
7/4/1815, Marguerite Carbonneau dit Provencal, “Fille de Jean-Baptiste et Isabelle Lefebvre”, died in Berthier sur Mer; buried 2 days later.

vii. Marie Josephe Carbonneau (253), born 4/17/1745 Canada.

viii. Marie Elisabeth Carbonneau, born 11/28/1750 Canada.
1/21/1771, Elisabeth married Francois Tellier.

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