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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M: 644

644. Henry Patton & 645. Sarah Lynn

Henry born in the Lowlands of Scotland near the town of Dundee.

Sarah born in Scotland, d/o the Laird of Loch Lynn.

Henry and his family left England during the reign of James II and settled in Ireland in the Provence of Ulster near the town of Newtonlimavady in co. Derry [now Londonderry.] Henry was a ship builder.

4/1689–8/1689, Henry Patton and three brothers were in the army of William of Orange and participated in the defense of Londonderry.

7/1/1690, Henry was present at the Battle of the Boyne.

Family notes:
• It is not known if Henry immigrated to America, but multiple of his sons did. 1735-1744: William, Matthew, Thomas, Robert, Henry, David, Benjamin and Hugh all appear as purchasers of parcels of land in Lancaster Co., PA. The names of all these Pattons are found at a later date in the records of Augusta Co., VA.

Children of Henry and Sarah: [born in Ireland.]

i. John Patton (322), born ~1689 in Newton-Limavady, Derry, Ireland.

ii. Col. James Patton, born 7/8/1692 in Newton-Limavady, Derry, Ireland.
James as a young man served in the Royal Navy where he distinguished himself in Queen Anne’s war.
Col. Patton obtained an order of council from the Governor of Virgina, under which he appropriated to himself and associates, 120,000 acres of the best lands lying above the Blue Ridge.
7/8/1755, James killed by Shawnee Indians at Draper’s Meadow, Augusta Co., VA. [James left a will naming several children, but his deceased wife is not named.]

iii. Elizabeth Patton, born 12/25/1700 in Burncrannack, Derry, Ireland.
Elizabeth married John Preston.
12/25/1776, Elizabeth died.

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