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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Joseph Methot & Marie Helene Normand

930. Joseph Methot & 931. Marie Helene Normand

5/5/1699, Joseph born in St Nicolas, Levis, Canada; s/o 1860. Abraham Methot & 1861. Marie Madeleine Mezeray.

5/10/1699 in St Nicolas, Joseph baptized.

4/17/1703, Helen born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 1862. Joseph Normand & 1863. Marie Choret.

2/24/1721 in Quebec, Joseph married Helene, both residents of Quebec. Neither was able to sign. All parents were listed. No attending persons are listed.

9/15/1757 in L’Islet, Helen was the godmother to her granddaughter Marie Catherine Croac, d/o Marie Catherine.

3/29/1767, Joseph died in Cap St Ignace; buried 2 days later.

9/24/1784 in Cap St Ignace, Helen died; buried the next day.

(S) PRDH Family #13682.

Children of Joseph and Helene:

i. Joseph Methot, born ? in Canada.
1/7/1734 in Quebec, Joseph married Marie Joseph Picoron dit Descoteaux.

ii. Jean Baptiste Methot, born ? in Canada.
5/29/1749 in Cap St Ignace, Jean married Marie Barbie Guimond.

iii. Charles Methot, born ? in Canada.
4/24/1752 in L’Islet, Charles married Marie Genevieve Bosse.

iv. Marie Anne Methot, born ? in Canada.
5/12/1750 in Quebec, Anne married Gilles Caillouet.

v. Ignace Methot, born ? in Canada.
11/25/1765 in Cap St Ignace, Ignace married Marie Genevieve Rodrigue.

vi. Joseph Methot, born ? in Canada.
2/3/1761 in L’Islet, Joseph married Marie Modeste Madeleine Belanger.

vii. Marie Genevieve Methot, born ? in Canada.
10/12/1756 in Cap St Ignace, Genevieve married Jean Baptiste Pineault.

viii. Marie Catherine Methot (465), born 2/3/1739 in Canada.

ix. Jean Marie Methot, born ? in Canada.
5/1/1764 in L’Islet, Jean married Marie Angelique Poliquin.

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