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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jean Baptiste Bernier & Marie Claire Fortin dit Bellefontaine

934. Jean Baptiste Bernier & 935. Marie Claire Fortin dit Bellefontaine

10/28/1710, Jean born in Cap St Ignace, Canada; s/o 1868. Pierre Bernier & 1869. Marie Francoise Boulet.

4/28/1716, Claire born in Cap St Ignace, Canada; d/o 1870. Eustache Fortin dit Bellefontaine & 1871. Louise Cloutier.

1/11/1734 in Cap St Ignace, Jean married Claire, both residents of Cap St Ignace. All parents named. Attending: Jean’s brothers Jacques, Basile, Louis, & Joseph; Claire’s brothers Pierre, Philippe, & Jean Baptiste; friends Charles Delange, Noel Dupont, Jean Baptiste Dornon.

7/11/1787, Claire, given age 70, died in L’islet, buried 2 day later; Jean a widower attended the burial.

8/9/1792, Jean, given age 80 and more, and a widower, died in L’Islet; buried the next day “with the sacraments of penance and extreme unction.”

(S) PRDH Couple #18788.

Children of Jean and Claire:

i. Marie Claire Bernier, born 11/6/1734 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
4/22/1754 in L’Islet, Claire married Jean Baptiste Moreau.

ii. Marie Josephe Bernier, born 10/9/1736 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
1/10/1754 in L’Islet, Josephe married Joseph Pascal Mercier.

iii. Marie Monique Bernier, born 5/2/1738 in L’islet, Canada.
1/19/1761 in L’Islet, Monique married Louis Augustin Lemieux.

iv. Jean Luc Bernier, born 5/15/1740 in L’islet, Canada.

v. Marie Louise Bernier (467), born 5/8/1743 in L’islet, Canada.

vi. Louis Marie Bernier, born bef. 1745 in L’islet, Canada.
1/15/1770 in L’Islet, Louis married Marie Renee Francoise Boucher.
2/27/1810, Louis died in L’Islet.

vii. Marie Felicite Bernier, born 9/8/1748 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.

viii. Marie Felicite Bernier, born 4/21/1750 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
11/16/1767 in L’Islet, Felicitie married Alexis Fournier.

ix. Pierre Eustache Bernier, born 5/14/1753 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.

x. Marie Desanges Bernier, born bef. 1755 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
1/28/1756, Marie died.

xi. Pierre Julien Bernier, born 5/4/1759 in L’islet, Canada.

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