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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Joseph Francois Gendron & Marie Francoise Louise Bilodeau

936. Joseph Francois Gendron & 937. Marie Francoise Louise Bilodeau

4/22/1692, Francois born in St Laurent I.O., Canada; d/o 1872. Jacques Gendron & 1873. Marie Anne Charland dit Francoeur.

3/25/1702, Marie born in St Francois I.O., Canada; d/o 1874. Simon Bilodeau & 1875. Anne Turcot.

1/17/1708 in St Francois, I.O., Joseph and his father attended the wedding of 1008. Pierre Balan dit Lacombe & 1009. Marie Elisabeth Chartier.

3/4/1726 in St Francois, Ile Orleans, Francois, a resident of St Jean, married Francoise, a resident of St Francois I.O. Neither was able to sign. Both mothers listed as deceased. Attending: Simon and Jean Bilodeau, Augustin Gendron [Likely brothers.]

4/19/1747, Francois, resident of St Francois de Sales, Seigneurie de Berthier, spouse of Marie Bildeau, and father of deceased Francois Gendron, died at age 20, attended his son’s burial. Francois had died of an illness.

Francoise died.

11/3/1747, Baptism of Marie Louise Dodier, godmother Francoise is a widow, spouse of Francois Gendron, deceased.

4/6/1772, Francoise “Marie Bilodeau”, widow of deceased Francois Gendron, given age 72, died in St Francois de la Riviere de Sud; buried the next day.

(S) PRDH Couple #15419.

Children of Joseph and Francoise:

i. Francois Marie Gendron, born 4/23/1727 in St Jean, I.O., Canada.
4/18/1747, Francois died in Pointe de Levy.

ii. Marie Agnes Gendron, born 2/25/1729 in St Francis, I.O., Canada.
11/18/1748 in Berthier en Bas, Agnes married Robert Boulet, s/o Jacques Boulet & Agathe Morin. Agnes’ uncles Joseph and Augustin Gendron attended, as well as her cousin Francoise Gendron. Robert’s brother Jean also attended.
2/22/1782, Agnes died in St Francois de la Riviere de Sud.

iii. Marie Claire Gendron, born 4/20/1730 in St Francis, I.O., Canada.
3/5/1764 in St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Claire married Louis Joseph Marie Leroux.

iv. Marie Gendron, born 10/17/1732 in St Francis, I.O., Canada.
2/3/1749 in Berthier en Bas, Marie married Alexandre Timothee Garand.

v. Jacques Gendron (468), born bef. 1734 in St Francois, Ile Orleans, Quebec, Canada.

vi. Joseph Gendron, born 10/30/1736 in St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Canada.
1/18/1762, Joseph married Marie Jeanne Guyon Buisson dit Dion.

vii. Marie Louise Gendron, born 7/1/1744 in St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Canada.
1/7/1765 in St Francois de la Riviere de Sud, Louise married Charles Jolivet Mitron. Her brother Jacques, and her brother-in-laws Robert Boulet and Timothee Garand attended.

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