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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicolas Bouchard & Marie Anne Veau dit Sylvain

968. Nicolas Bouchard & 969. Marie Anne Veau dit Sylvain

1/16/1684, Nicolas born in Cap St Ignace, Canada; s/o 1936. Nicolas Bouchard & 1937. Anne LeRoy.

8/29/1694, Anne born in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada; d/o 1938. Etienne Veau & 1939. Marguerite Gagnon.

1703, Anne and her 4 younger siblings orphaned when both parents died.

7/1/1709 in Chateau Richer, Nicolas, resident of Cap St Ignace, married Anne, resident of Ste Anne du Petit Cap. Neither was able to sign. Both fathers are identified as deceased. Attending: Jean Gagnon, Pierre Gagnon, Jean Navers, Francois Barrette.

7/15/1746, Nicolas, age 62, died in Montmagny.

10/6/1757, Anne died in St Vallier.

Children of Nicolas and Anne:

i. Claude Joseph Bouchard, born 9/4/1713 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
6/2/1738 in Montmagny, Claude married Marie Elisabeth Thibault.
6/8/1741, Claude died in Montmagny.

ii. Marie Genevieve Bouchard, born 12/6/1715 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
8/3/1718, Genevieve died.

iii. Pierre Bouchard, born 10/5/1718 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
1725, Pierre died in Berthier en Bas.

iv. Marie Anne Bouchard, born 11/10/1720 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
1725, Anne died in Berthier en Bas.

v. Nicolas Bouchard, born 8/17/1723 in Berthier en Bas, Canada.
10/10/1746 in St Thomas, Nicolas married Marie Anne Chiasson, d/o Francois & Anne Doucet.
1758, Nicolas and his family was deported from St Jean to St. Malo, Guyane, France.

vi. Charles Bouchard, born 4/23/1726 in Berthier in Haut [Sur Mer], Bellchasse, Canada.
11/17/1749 in St Vallier, Charles married Marie Josephe Corriveau, d/o Joseph & Francoise Bolduc.
4/27/1760, Charles, age 34, died in St Vallier.
Family notes:
• 7/20/1761, Marie married 2nd Louis Dodier, who was found dead by hanging in 1/23/1763, for which Marie was charged with murder. She was executed after 2 famous trials and her body was left hanging in an iron cage publically for several weeks.

vii. Pierre Bouchard (484), born 5/2/1728 in Montmagny, Canada.

[viii.-xi.: 4 boys: Basile, Laurent, Michel, Louis.]

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