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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicolas Roy & Marie Renee La Riviere

970. Nicolas Roy & 971. Marie Renee La Riviere

3/24/1661, Nicolas born in Dieppe, Seine Maritime, Normandie, France; s/o 1940. Nicolas Roy & 1941. Jeanne Lelievre.

2/10/1669, Nicolas confirmed in Ste Famille, I.O.

1681 census of St Michel de Bellechasse [La Durantaye]: Nicolas 20, lives alone.

11/18/1686 in Ste Famille, I.O., Nicolas married Marie Madeleine Leblond, d/o Nicolas.

7/17/1697, Renee born Quebec, Canada; d/o 1943. Marie Madeleine Fontaine.

4/27/1700 in Ste Famille, I.O., Nicolas attended the wedding of his brother 1002. Noel Roy & 1003. Marguerite Rabouin.

2/4/1722, Madeleine died in St Vallier; buried 2 days later.

4/18/1723 in Quebec, Nicolas, widower and resident of St Jacques et St Philippe de la Seigneruie de la Durantaye, married Renee, resident of Quebec. Neither was able to sign. Renee’s parents listed, but Francois Desrivieres not identified as the father. Attending: Thomas Jourdain, Marie’s maternal uncle. Marie’s step-father Francois Desrivieres was also present.

2/4/1727, Nicolas, Lieutenant de Milice, age 66, died in St Vallier, Chaudiere Appalaches.

4/10/1731 in Quebec, Renee married 2nd Jean Poitevin, s/o Jean Poitevin & Madeleine Guillaudeau.

2/11/1760, Renee, age 63, died in St Vallier.

Children of Nicolas and Madeleine:

i. Angelique Roy, born 9/27/1688 in La Durantaye, Canada.
11/16/1705 in La Durantaye, Angelique married Louis Beaudoin, s/o 2002. Moise Jacques Beaudoin & 2003. Francoise Durand.
5/9/1729 in Berthier, Angelique married Nicolas Launay.

ii. Etienne Roy, born 4/20/169 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.
11/18/1709 in St Etienne, Beaumont, Etienne married Marie Francoise Casse.

iii. Alexis Roy, born 3/8/1693 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.
7/20/1716 in St Laurent, Alexis married Marie Madeleine Leclerc.
9/4/1746, Alexis died in St Vallier.

iv. Marie Madeleine Roy, born 5/1/1695 in La Durantaye, Canada.
2/27/1713 in La Durantaye, Madeleine married Pierre Filteau.

v. Marie Anne Roy, born 12/18/1698 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.
1/8/1720 in St Vallier, Anne married Jean Pierre Navarre.

vi. Francois Noel Roy, born 7/11/1708 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.
6/4/1731 in Charlesbourg, Noel married Therese Allard.
11/28/1749, Noel died in St Michel de Bellechasse.

Children of Nicolas and Renee:

i. Marie Ursule Roy, born 12/1725 in Bellechasse, Canada.
8/6/1743, Ursule married Noel Lebrun dit Carrier, d/o 1878. Noel Lebrun dit Carrier.
12/22/1749, Ursule, given age 23, died.

ii. Marie Ursule Agnes Roy (485), born 9/6/1726 in Bellechasse, Canada.

Children of Jean and Renee:

i. Louise Poitevin, born 9/17/1737 in Charlesbourg, Canada.
4/20/1671, Louise married Joseph Richard.

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