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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jean Baptiste Brochu & Dorothee Allaire

972. Jean Baptiste Brochu & 973. Dorothee Allaire

1/9/1700, Jean born in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada; s/o 1944. Jean Brochu & 1945. Marie Francoise DeLaunay.

2/10/1704, Dorothee born in St Jean, I.O., Canada; d/o 1946. Charles Allaire & 1947. Marie Bidet des Roussel.

2/25/1724 in Notre Dame de Quebec, Jean married Dorothee. Witnesses: Jacques Greffart 2nd husband of Marie de Launay, mother of the groom, Joseph and Louis Allaire, uncles of the bride.

3/17/1725, Jean, of La Durantaye, had a concession of 160 acres, 15 cultivated.

12/14/1739, Dorothee, age 35, buried in St Vallier. [Likely associated with the birth of Alexis.]

1/9/1741 at St Vallier, Jean, age 41, married 2nd Susanne Garand. [8 children.]

12/5/1783, Jean, age 83, died at St Michel de Bellechasse, Quebec.

(S) PRDH: Family #14674.

Children of Jean and Dorothee:

i. Marie Dorothee Brochu, born 4/9/1725 in St Vallier, Canada.
6/15/1744, Dorothee married Ignatius Clement Patry.
11/10/1777, Dorothee married 2nd Pierre Bacquet Lamontagne.

ii. Agathe Brochu, born 9/13/1726 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/21/1745, Agathe married Michel Garand.
3/25/1760, Agathe died in St Etienne de Beaumont, Quebec.

iii. Jean Baptiste Brochu (486), born 8/22/1728 in Bellechasse, Canada.

iv. Pierre Phillippe Brochu, born 5/1/1730 in St Vallier, Canada.
7/30/1753, Pierre married Marie Genevieve Roy.

v. Joseph Brochu, born 4/28/1732.

v. Gervais Protais Brochu, born 6/19/1734 in St Vallier, Canada.
12/18/1758, Gervais died in St Vallier.

vi. Marie Marguerite Brochu, born 7/29/1736 in St Vallier, Canada.
1/11/1755, Josephte married Jacques Philippe Roy.

vii. Joseph Marie Brochu, born 1737 in St Vallier, Canada.

viii. Alexis Louis Brochu, baptized 7/17/1739 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/5/1759, Alexis married Marguerite Roy; d/o 974. Joseph Noel Roy & 975. Agathe Fradet.
1761, Alexis died.

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