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Sunday, August 1, 2010

G22: 2955144

2955144. Lord Hugh de Lowther & 2955145. Margaret de Lucy

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1287, Hugh born in Cumberland, England, s/o 5910288. Sir Hugh de Louther.

~1290, Margaret born in England, heir & d/o 5910290. John de Lucy & 5910291. Christian ?.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

Hugh sided with the Earl of Lancaster in the struggle over Piers de Gavaston [but subsequently made peace with the King.]

10/16/1313, Hugh and 470 others pardoned by parliament for offenses associated with the death of Piers de Gavaston.

1315, Margaret heir to her father acquiring Wythop.

1316, Christian, wife of John de Lucy, impleaded Hugh, son of Hugh de Lowthers, for dower in Lowther.

Aft. 2/20/1317, Hugh heir to his father.

7/12/1318, Hugh granted license to crenellate Wythop Hall.

1320-22, Hugh de Louther, High Sheriff of Westmoreland.

1323, “Hugh de Louther, sheriff of Westmorland.” (S) UKNA.

1325, Hugh de “Louthre” and Richard de Denton commissioned to array and have ready all men of arms in the county of Cumberland against a threatened invasion by the French. [Hugh on an array in Westmorland the same year.]

1326, Sir Anthony de Lucy, the King’s Sheriff of Carlisle, and Sir High de Lowther, and others arrested Sir Andrew de Harcla, Earl of Carlisle, for treason. (S) Robert the Bruce and the struggle for Scottish Independence, 1909.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1332, Hugh a Justice of the King’s Bench.

1332, Hugh exchanged lands with Sir Walter de Strickland.

8/11/1333, “Hugh de Louther (Lowther), escheator in Cumberland.” (S) UKNA.

10/3/1335, “Fitz Hugh states that he was awarded damages against Louther following a suit brought by a writ of trespass, … Hugh de Louther; …” (S) UKNA.

1338, Hugh licensed for to make a park of his manor of Lowther, with a grant of free warren.

1339, Hugh on an array in Westmoreland and Cumberland for the King who was going beyond the seas.

1340, Hugh served for the county of Westmoreland in parliament at Westminster.

1340, “John Frances of Cliburn. Sir Hugh Lowther, lord of Lowther. Rent from Askham mill.” (S) UKNA.

1341, Hugh a knight for the county of Cumberland in parliament at Woodstock. [Hugh and Sir Peter de Tylliol submitted expenses of £19 12s. for attending for 49 days.]

11/18/1341, Commission to Peter Tiliol, Hugh de Louther … to make inquisition in the county of Cumberland, … (S) CPRs.

5/23/1344, Commission to Thomas de Lucy, Peter Tiliol, Hugh de Louther … on information that many disturbers of the peace … county of Cumberland … and also of Scotland … have made a confederacy to take the city of Carlisle and deliver it to the Scots … (S) CPRs.

(S) The Great Governing Families of England, Sanford, 1865, P55.

Family notes:
• 1330, Hugh’s brother Thomas became a Justice of the King’s bench. 1331, Thomas appinted Chief Justice of the King’s Bench in Ireland.

Child of Hugh and Margaret:

i. Hugh de Lowther (1477572), born ~1315 in England.

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