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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Leonard Leblanc & Marie Marguerite Riton

3594. Leonard Leblanc & 3595. Marie Marguerite Riton

1623, Marguerite born in Bourg sur La Roche, Poitou, France, d/o §Robert Riton & §Marguerite Guyon.

1626, Leonard born in Blessac, Marche, France; only s/o §Leonard Leblanc & §Jeanne Fayande.

11/16/1644 in La Rochelle, France, Marie, a natural child of Marguerite and Abraham Brunet, was baptized.

Both traveled to New France.

8/23/1650 in Beauport, Quebec, in the home of Robert Giffard, Leonard married Marguerite. All parents named. Attending: Robert Giffard of Beauport, Jean Jinchereau de StDenis.

Leonard and Marguerite settled at Charlesbourg, Quebec.

11/8/1664, Nicolas Belanger, Pierre Lefebvre and Leonard Leblanc were summoned before the Sovereign Council in a matter of rights to fish. The defendants were ordered to pay, to the clerk of the court, taxes which they owed for fishing rights on the coast of Lauzon.

11/16/1664, Leonard and Marguerite in their home, “of the village of Fargy on the coast of Beauport”, at the marriage contract of daughter Therese. They gave a dowery of 1 cow and 2 pigs.

1/12/1665, Leonard and Marguerite residents of Beauport. (S) Wedding of daughter Therese.

1666 Census in Beauport; Leonard Leblanc, macon, habitant, 40 years, married; Marie Ritton, 43 years, married; Noel Leblanc, 13 years; Marguerite Leblanc, 9 years; Marie Leblanc, 7 years; Jeanne Leblanc, 6 years; Francois Leblanc, 3 years.

1666 Census in Beauport; Leonard Leblanc, macon, habitant, 40 years, married; Marie Ritton, 43 years, married; Noel Leblanc, 14 years; Marguerite Leblanc, 11 years; Marie Leblanc, 10 years; Jeanne Leblanc, 7 years; Francois Leblanc, 5 years.

9/15/1670 in Beauport, Joseph Giffard granted Pierre Marcoux another lot between Nicolas Belanger and Leonard Leblanc.

11/13/1672, Leonard, a master mason, living in Bourg Fargy, Beauport. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie.

11/1672–10/1674, Marguerite died in Beauport.

11/4/1674, an inventory of the possessions of Marguerite made by Vachon.

4/15/1679 in Beauport, before notary Vachon Leonard drew up a document that showed he “donated all of his possessions to son Noel, on the condition that his eldest child feed, lodge and care for him for the rest of his life, to have him buried and have masses said for him after his death.”

1681 Census, Beauport; Leonard a mason, habitant, age 55.

1681, during the summer, Leonard was doing masonry work for the Recollets.

5/1/1691, Leonard, age 63, entered Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

11/6/1691, Leonard, given age 63 and a mason, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

Family notes:
• Leonard a cousin of Pierre Bourgouin married to Catherine Basset.

Children of Leonard and Marguerite:

i. Marie Therese LeBlanc (1797), born 5/3/1651 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Noel LeBlanc, born 1/14/1653 in Quebec, Canada.
1/14/1686 in Quebec, Noel married Felicite, d/o Jean Picard & Marie Madeleine Gagnon, d/o Mathurin.
Bef. 6/20/1686, Noel, age 33 and a shipwright, died in Quebec.

iii. Louise LeBlanc, born 12/25/1654 in Quebec, Canada.
2/13/1667 in Beauport, Louise married Michel Lecour; d/o Jean.
11/27/1686 in Montreal, Louise married Guillaume Boissel, s/o Jacques.
11/18/1687 in Montreal, Louise married Paul Bouchard, s/o Etienne.

iv. Marguerite LeBlanc, born 9/2/1656 in Quebec, Canada.
7/19/1670 in Quebec, Marguerite married Pierre Marie Bazin.

v. Marie Elisabeth LeBlanc (3741), born 1/15/1658 in Quebec, Canada.

vi. Jeanne LeBlanc, born 10/18/1659 in Quebec, Canada.
12/26/1675 in Beauport, Jeanne married Pierre Morel, s/o Samuel.
1719, Jeanne, age 60, died.

vii. Francoise LeBlanc, born 1/18/1662 in Quebec, Canada.
1/16/1678 in Beauport, Francoise married Jean Provost, s/o Jacques.
2/18/1709 in Montreal, Francoise married Pierre Delorme, s/o Jean.

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