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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michel Baugis & Marie Madeleine Dubois

3596. Michel Baugis & 3597. Marie Madeleine Dubois

1638, Michel born in Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendee, France; s/o 7192. Francois Baugis & 7193. Denise Mercier.

1640, Madeleine born in St-Sauveur, La Rochelle, France; d/o §Isaac Dubois & §Anne Richer. [Issac a master wool comber.]

1641, Michel, 3 years old, traveled to New France with his parents.

10/14/1658 in Beauport, Michel witnessed a contract of [7728] Jean Creste to Toussaint Giroux.

9/17/1661, Michel contracted to marry Madeleine.

9/21/1661, Michel a witness at the wedding of 3584. Pierre Mailloux dit Desmoulins & 3585. Anne Delaunay.

10/19/1661 in Beauport, Michel married Madeleine [who was pregnant at the time]. Both origins given. All parents named. Michel’s mother deceased. Attending: Robert Giffard and Noel Langlois.

2/20/1662, Madeleine a natural daughter of Madeleine by Jean Royer was baptized. [Daughter Madeleine married Jacques Menard.]

9/7/1665, Michel confirmed in Quebec.

10/5/1665, Michel and Toussaint Giroux, in the company of Paul Vachon, traveled to Quebec to purchase land from Charles de Lauzon; 4 arpents in front of the St Lawrence river by 40 arpents deep, called Mount Saint Michel de Lauzon. They had rights to fishing, hunting, and grazing of cattle.

1666 Census in Beauport, Michel, habitant, age 27, “Marguerite” Dubois, age 26, Marie Madeleine Royer, 10 years, Jean Beaugis, 3 years, Francois Beaugis, 80 years.

1667 Census in Beauport, Michel “Baugit”, age 29, “Madeleine” Dubois, age 29, Marie Baugit, 6 years, Jean Beaugit, 4 years, Marguerite Beaugit, 1 year, Francois Beaugis, 80 years, Francois Chauveau, 22 years.

12/3/1670, at the home of Toussaint Giroux, Michel and Madeleine signed a contract with Jean Drouard [part of the contract required Jean to deliver 3000 eels, pickled and in good condition.]

3/9/1680, at the home of Toussaint Giroux in Beauport, Michel and Toussaint declared Jean Drouard had completed his contract of 1670.

1681 census of Beauport; Michel 43, Madeleine 43, children: Jean 18, Marguerite 15, Anne 13, Jeanne 6, Michel 2; 2 rifles, 10 cattle, 30 arpents.

1/11/1689, Michel and Madeleine residents of Beauport. (S) Wedding of son Jean.

11/26/1717, Michel, age 79, died in Beauport.

3/5/1721, Madeleine, age 81, died in Beauport.

Children of Michel and Madeleine:

i. Jean Francois Baugis (1798), born 8/10/1663 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Marguerite Baugis, born 7/11/1666 in Beauport, Canada.
11/23/1683 in Beauport, Marguerite married Pierre Parent, s/o 3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau.
4/22/1737, Marguerite, age 71, died in Notre Dame Nativite, Beauport.

iii. Marie Anne Baugis, born 1/27/1669 in Quebec, Canada.
1/21/1686 in Beauport, Anne married Pierre Choret, s/o 2036. Robert Mathieu Choret & 2037. Sebastienne Veillon.
1/23/1748, Anne, age 79, died in Beauport.

iv. Louise Baugis, born 11/22/1672 in Beauport, Canada. [Died an infant.]

v. Jeanne Baugis, born 1675 in Quebec, Canada.
9/17/1696 in Beauport, Jeanne married Francois Langlois, s/o Noel.
11/22/1760, Jeanne, age 85, died in the hospital at Quebec.

vi. Michel Baugis, born 1679 in Quebec, Canada.
11/9/1699 in Beauport, Michel married Angelique, d/o Rene Senard & Francoise Philippeau.
6/2/1704 in St Pierre, I.O., Michel married Marie Michelle, d/o Francois Miville & Marie Langlois.
12/2/1726 in Lachine, Michel married Marguerite, d/o Jean Perrier & Marie Gaillard.

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