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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pierre Parent & Jeanne Badeau

3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau

1617, Pierre born in Mortagne sur Gironde, Saintes, Saitonge, France, s/o §Andre Parent & §Marie Condre. [Pierre’s age varies in different records.]

1637, Jeanne born in Ste. Marguerite of La Rochelle, Aunis, France; d/o 7198. Jacques Badeau & 7199. Anne Ardouin.

1647, Jeanne arrived in New France with her family.

Jeanne was sent to study with the Ursulines.

1650, Pierre, a master butcher, arrived in New France on a 3-year contract.

4/7/1651, Pierre acquired a concession from the Jesuits in the seigneurie of Notre-Dame-des-Anges, 3 arpents frontal by 16 deep to the boundary of Beauport river.

7/16/1652, Pierre acquire 4 arpents frontage by a league and a half deep on the eastern edge of Chateau Richer. Pierre built a cabin on this property.

3/10/1653, Pierre sold an arpent of his land to Gilles Bacon with the right to cut trees.

10/30/1653, Pierre sold his homestead in Beaupre to Mathieu Hubou dit Deslongchamps for 300 livres tournois.

12/20/1653–1/18/1654, the 3 banns were published about the upcoming wedding of Pierre and Jeanne.

2/2/1654, Pierre and Jeanne’s brother Francois signed the marriage contract.

2/9/1654 in Quebec City, in the home of Sieur Robert Giffard, Pierre married Jeanne. All parents named. Pierre’s origin given; Jeanne a resident of Quebec.

5/11/1654, Etiennete Despres sold an area of 60 arpents to Pierre Parent, son-in-law of Jacques Badeau.

5/31/1654, Pierre received a land grant from the Jesuits. [Near the land of his father-in-law.]

10/8/1656, Pierre leased a house a few arpents from his land, owned by the Jesuits, paying Pierre Guillet 40 livres to vacate the property. Pierre working primarily as a butcher.

9/9/1657, Pierre Gagnon of Chateau Richer sold Pierre a beef for 129 livres.

10/7/1658, Pierre bought a small piece of land near his father-in-law’s land.

7/8/1659, Pierre sold the land he had acquired in 1654 back to Thiennette Despres, with a house, barn and stable, for 500 livres.

8/29/1659, Robert Giguere of St Anne du Petit Cap sold Pierre a beef for 75 livres.

4/4/1660, Pierre ceded land by the Jesuits, 16 square arpents, near a quarry in Notre-Dame-des-Anges, and near his widowed mother-in-law. Pierre and Jeanne operated the quarry for “Beauport” stone for the construction of houses. They also developed furnaces to make lime.

8/30/1662, Pierre obtained a right from the Governor to us a site in Upper Town Quebec as a slaughter house.

3/29/1664, Pierre, appearing as an expert before the Soverign Council, appraised the value of a beef that had been wounded.

5/14/1665, Pierre appeared before the Soverign Council on a charge of an altercation with his servant while intoxicated. He was aquitted.

1667 Census of Charlesbourg, Pierre 50, Jeanne 28, children: Marie 12, Jacques 10, Pierre 8, Andre 6, Jean 3, Francois 6 months; Pierre Valiere 20, Germain Langlois 25; 15 arpents under cultivation, 3 cattle.

Aft. 1670, Pierre bought land from his brothers-in-law that his father-in-law originally was granted in 1651.

10/15/1675, Jeanne signed a contract with the Seminary to provide 50 toises of Beauport stone for corners, doors, widows, and chimneys; to be delivered to the bottom of the slope of the hospital, near the brewery.

12/9/1670, Pierre to furnish and deliver to Charles Aubert the necessary lime and stone for the construction of a building joining his large house in the lower town.

4/24/1677, Pierre lost the right to his slaughter house in the Upper Town in a case before the Soverign Council brought by local citizens.

10/24/1678, Pierre contracted for a new location for his slaughter house.

12/22/1678, Jeanne contracted with Charles Aubert for stone and quick lime for a 54 by 25 foot building, and for a wind mill tower. Michel Chretien dit Lebrun was hired to extract the stone from the quarry.

1681 Census of Beauport, Pierre age 65; Jeanne age 43, 13 Children (Joseph, Jean and Etienne were 7 year old triplets), 4 domestic workers, 4 rifles, 1 hand gun, 18 horned animals, 24 goats, and he owned 100 arpents of land under cultivation.

4/19/1681, Jeanne and Antoine Cadde contracted to have a masonry gable with 2 chimneys on each side built between their houses in the Lower Town.

3/11/1682, Jeanne contracted with Francois Hazeur for stone and lime for buildings, and walls along a road.

1/17/1688, Jeanne leased property, a house, and the adjoining shop, located “on the street leading from the lower to the upper town”, from Marie Madeleine Pelletier, on behalf of her minor son, Joseph Parent, who could not enter a legal contract since he was not of age.

2/4/1688, Jeanne signed a contract with the Ursulines, to provide the lime, stone and other stone common to the masonry of the monastery that was destroyed by fire in 1686.

11/14/1688, Jeanne hired Guillaume Jourdain, master mason, to build them a house in Beauport, 3 stories, 45 by 30, with openings in stone cut by chisel like those of the Ursulines, and 2 chimneys side by side in cut stone.

1/11/1689, Pierre and Jeanne “Paran” residents of Beauport. (S) Wedding of daughter Therese.

11/1690, Jeanne, age 52, testified in court.

8/5/1698, a Monday, Pierre, age 81, died in Beauport of “an illness somewhat prolonged”; buried the next day.

10/16/1698, Pierre’s assets were inventoried; he owned surgeon Gervais Baudouin of Quebec 350 livres. Their masonry house was valued at 1,000 livres.

10/8/1702, Jeanne, ill at the time, had her will written.

3/8/1704, Jeanne and her son Charles contracted to provide Francoise Juchereau with the materials to build a water mill and its out buildings on the river Ferree at St Pierre on the Ile de Orleans.

11/18/1706, Jeanne revised her will; incuded: 100 livres to the curate of Beauport, 10 livres to Congregation of Quebec, 10 livres to the Recollet fathers.

11/22/1706, Jeanne, age 75, mother and businesswoman, died in Beauport; buried the next day.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XIX.

Family notes:
• Pierre a cousin of Andre Coudret married to Jeanne Bourgeois; they lived at Charlesbourg.
• 194 grandchildren, 134 of which had the last name “Parent”.

Children of Pierre and Jeanne:

i. Marie Parent, born 11/25/1655 in Quebec, Canada.
11/25/1670 in Beauport, Marie married David Corbin, s/o Jean.
2/5/1685 in Beauport, Marie married Joseph Rancourt, s/o Pierre.
12/6/1700, Marie, age 45, died in Quebec.

ii. Jacques Parent, born 11/15/1657 in Quebec, Canada.
2/1/1677 in Beauport, Jacques married Genevieve Louise, d/o Rene Chevalier & Jeanne Langlois.
11/9/1705 in Beauport, Jacques married Marie, d/o Nicolas Belanger & Marie Rainville.
8/17/1719 in Charlesbourg, Jacques married Marie Madeleine, d/o Michel Huppe & Madeleine Roussin.
12/30/1744, Jacques, age 87, died in Beauport.

iii. Pierre Parent, born 9/30/1660 in Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1683 in Beauport, Pierre married Marguerite, d/o 3596. Michel Baugis & 3597. Marie Madeleine Dubois.
6/28/1715, Pierre, age 55, died in Quebec.

iv. Andre Parent, born 12/4/1662 in Quebec, Canada.
10/29/1692 in St Pierre, I.O., Andre married Marguerite, d/o Martin Cote & Suzanne Page.
7/15/1699, Andre, age 37, died in Beauport.

v. Jean Francois Parent, born 2/9/1665 in Beauport, Canada.
2/10/1687 in Beauport, Jean married Marie, d/o 1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Marie Therese LeBlanc.
3/18/1721 in Beauport, Jean married Anne, d/o Pierre Duquet & Anne Lamarre.
8/12/1722, Jean, age 57, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

vi. Francois Parent, born 3/29/1667 in Beauport, Canada.

vii. Joseph Parent, born 1/25/1669 in Beauport, Canada.
1/31/1690 in Beauport, Joseph married Marie Madeleine, d/o Jacques Marette & Marie Page.
5/1/1751, Joseph, age 82, died in Montreal.

viii. Genevieve Parent, born 2/27/1670 in Quebec, Canada.
12/2/1686 in Beauport, Genevieve married Noel Langlois, s/o 7178. Noel Langlois & 7179. Francoise Grenier.
1/10/1695 in Beauport, Genevieve married Jacques Avice.
8/20/1720, Genevieve, age 50, died in Beauport.

ix. Michel Parent, born 12/21/1671 in Quebec, Canada.
11/24/1692 in Beauport, Michel married Jeanne, d/o Rene Chevalier & Jeanne Langlois.
12/16/1726, Michel, age 55, died.

x. Marie Therese Parent (1799), born 10/28/1673 in Beauport, Canada.

xi. Etienne Parent, born 1674 in Quebec, Canada. [Triplet – Tripple marriage]
2/12/1696 in Beauport, Etienne married Marie Therese, d/o Rene Chevalier & Jeanne Langlois.
4/28/1727 in L’Ange Gardien, Etienne married Genevieve, d/o Nicolas Trudel & Barbe Letartre.
8/22/1756, Etienne, age 82, died in Beauport.

xii. Jean Parent, born 1674 in Quebec, Canada. [Triplet – Tripple marriage]
2/12/1696 in Beauport, Jean married Marie Francoise, d/o Nicolas Belanger & Marie Rainville.
4/1/1727, Jean, age 53, died in Quebec.

xiii. Joseph Parent, born 1674 in Quebec, Canada. [Triplet – Tripple marriage]
2/12/1696 in Beauport, Joseph married Marie Josephe, d/o Nicolas Belanger & Marie Rainville.
2/27/1727, Joseph, age 53, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

xiv. Charles Parent, born 11/13/1676 in Beauport, Canada.
1/7/1699 in Beauport, Charles married Marie Anne, d/o Jean Robert Duprac & Marguerite Vachon.
6/15/1747, Charles, age 71, died in Quebec.

xv. Claude Parent, born 1677 in Beauport, Canada.
Claude migrated to Louisiana, and then on to Mobile, AL.
In Mobile, Claude married Catherine Christophe.

xvi. Charlotte Parent, born 1678 in Quebec, Canada.
1/10/1695 in Beauport, Charlotte married Michel Chevalier, s/o Rene Chevalier & Jeanne Langlois.
10/22/1763, Etienne, age 85, died in Beauport.

xvii. Charles Parent, born 2/17/1681 in Beauport, Canada. [Died an infant.]

xviii. Antoine Parent, born 9/3/1683 in Beauport, Canada.
4/16/1708 in L’Ange Gardien, Antoine married Marie Barbe, d/o Nicolas Trudel & Barbe Letartre.
9/2/1720 in Beauport, Antoine married Michelle Charlotte, s/o 1794. Vincent Vachon dit Laminee & 1795. Louise Cadieux dit Courville.

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