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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rene Landry le Jeune & Marie Bernard

3600. Rene Landry le Jeune & 3601. Marie Bernard

1634, Rene born in France.

1645, Marie born in Port Royal, Canada; d/o 7202. Andre Bernard & 7203. Marie Andree Guyon.

Rene traveled to New France.

1659 in Port Royal, Rene married Marie. [Marie’s father had escaped to France leaving his family behind.]

8/9/1672, Rene and another family member are French prisoners “victualled” at Fort Edward.

1678 Census, Rene’s mother, Marie Sale’, lives with them.

1686 Census, Port Royal, Rene, age 52, and Marie, age 41; 10 arpents of land, 16 cattle, 20 sheep, 2 guns. Marie’s mother, Marie “Sale”, age 86, lives with them.

1687 Census, Port Royal; Rene and Marie, males: Antonine, age 17, Claude, age 14, ? age 13, ?, age 11, Germain, age 5, Abraham, age 2; females: Cecile, age 15, Marguerite, age 3, Jeanne, age 1.

1693, Rene, age 59, died in Port Royal, Canada.

1693 census of Port Royal, Marie Bernard (widow of Rene Landry) 48, Germain 19, Jeanne 17, Abraham 15, Pierre 13, Catherine 11, Isabel 3, Rene Landry, Anne Teriot (his wife) 20, Marie 1, 25 cattle, 40 sheep, 14 pigs, 30 arpetns, 2 guns.

1698 Census of Port Royal: Marie Bernard, widow of Rene Landry, Abraham 20, Pierre 19, Catherine 16, Anne 14, Charles 10; 14 cattle, 18 sheep, 10 hogs, 32 arpents.

1714 Census, Marie lived in Port Royal with one of her sons.

4/1/1718, Marie baptized an infant when no priest was available, and the baby might have died from the cold.

1/11/1719, Marie, age 74, buried in Port Royal, Canada.

Children of Rene and Marie: [All birth dates approximate]

i. Antoine Landry (1800), born 1660 in Port Royal, Acadie.

ii. Claude Landry (1804), born 1663 in Port Royal, Acadie.

iii. Cecile Landry, born 1664 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1678 in Port Royal, Cecile married Pierre Theriault, s/o 7206. Jean Theriault & 7207. Perrine Rau.
1726 in Port Royal, Cecile married Etienne Racois.

iv. Jean Landry, born 1666 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1687 in Port Royal, Jean married Cecile, d/o 3612. Pierre Melancon & 3613. Marie Marguerite Anne Mius.

v. Rene Landry, born 1668 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1691 in Port Royal, Rene married Anne, d/o Bonaventure Theriault & Jeanne Boudreau.

vi. Marie Landry, born 1670 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1686 in Port Royal, Marie married Martin Dupis, s/o Michel.
7/20/1746, Marie, age 76, died in Grand Pre.

vii. Marguerite Landry, born 1672 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1685 in Port Royal, Marguerite married Pierre Richard, s/o Michel.

viii. Germain Landry, born 1674 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1694 in Port Royal, Marguerite married Marie Madeleine, d/o 3612. Pierre Melancon & 3613. Marie Marguerite Anne Mius.

ix. Jeanne Landry, born 1676 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1691 in Port Royal, Jeanne married Jean Theriault, s/o Claude.
5/21/1710, Jeanne, age 34, died in Grand Pre.

x. Abraham Landry, born 1678 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1701 in Port Royal, Abraham married Marie, d/o Pierre Guibault & Catherine Theriault.

xi. Pierre Landry, born 1680 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1/7/1704 in Port Royal, Pierre married Magdeleine Brossard.

xii. Catherine Landry, born 1684 in Port Royal, Acadie. [Twin?]
10/8/1702 in Grand Pre, Catherine married Jacques Leblanc, s/o Rene.
10/1754, Catherine, age 70, died in St Charles les Mines.

xiii. Anne Landry, born 1684 in Port Royal, Acadie. [Twin?]
1700 in Port Royal, Anne, age 16, married Rene Blanchard, s/o 3614. Martin Blanchard & 3615. Francoise Leblanc.

xiv. Charles Landry, born 1686 in Port Royal, Acadie.
10/29/1708 in Port Royal, Charles married Catherine, d/o Francois Brossard & Catherine Richard.

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