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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daniel Leblanc & Francoise Gaudet

3604. Daniel Leblanc & 3605. Francoise Gaudet

1623, Francoise born in Martzize, France, d/o 7210. Jehan Gaudet & 7211. Marie Daussy.

1626, Daniel born in Poitou, France.

1640 in France, Francoise 1st married Jehan Mercier. [1 daughter.]

Aft. 1642, Francoise traveled to New France with her father, step-mother and siblings.

1645, Daniel arrived in New France.

Daniel established his residence on the north bank of the Port Royal [Annapolis] river.

1650 in Port Royal, Daniel married Francoise.

1654, Port Royal, with about 200 inhabitants, captured by the English.

1667, Port Royal returned to the French by the Treaty of Breda.

1667-70, the people of Port Royal had to rule themselves because French authorities had not returned.

1671 Census: Daniel, age 45; Francoise, age 48, workers, owned 18 cattle and 26 sheep, 10 arpents of land. Children: Jacques 20, daughter Francoise, Etienne 15, Rene 14, Andre 12, Antoine 9, Pierre 7. [Port Royal had 68 families.]

10/15/1684, a report was written by the people of Port Royal in which the good works of Daniel were specifically mentioned. The Governor and Grand Vicar both signed the document.

1686 census of Port Royal: Daniel Leblanc 60, Francoise Godet 60; 2 guns, 6 arpents, 15 cattle, 20 sheep, 7 hogs.

5/1690, Port Royal reconquered by the English, commanded by Sir William Phips.

5/24/1690, Daniel 1 of 6 chosen to form a council for Port Royal to keep peace until the new Governor arrived.

1693 census of Port Royal: Daniel Leblanc 66, wife Francoise Godet 76, Pierre 28, Pierre 7 grandson, Jean Laforest 15 & Marguerite Leprince 12 servants; 20 cattle, 35 sheep, 9 hogs, 18 arpents, 3 guns.

1693-98, Daniel died.

1697, Port Royal returned to the French by the Treaty of Ryswick.

1698 census of Port Royal: Francoise Goudet, 80 widow.

1698-1700, Francoise died at the home of her son Pierre.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXI.

Children of Daniel and Francoise:

i. Jacques Leblanc, born 1651 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1673 in Port Royal, Jacques, age 22, married Catherine, d/o Antoine Hebert & Genevieve Lefranc. [14 children.]
5/26/1730, Jacques, age 79, died in Grand Pre.

ii. Francoise Leblanc (3615), born 1653 in Port Royal, Acadie.

iii. Etienne Leblanc, born 1656 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1686, Etienne, age 30, a navigator, died.

iv. Rene Leblanc, born 1657 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1679 in Port Royal, Rene married Anne, d/o 3606. Jacques Bourgeois & 3607. Jeanne Trahan. [6 children.]
1/3/1734, Rene, age 77, died in St Charles les Mines.
Rene Leblanc, notary, immortalized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the poem Evangeline.

v. Andre Leblanc, born 1659 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1683 in Port Royal, Andre married Marie, d/o Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Louise Judith Doucet. [10 children.]
5/4/1743, Rene, age 84, died in St Charles les Mines. Joseph Terriot and Pierre Doucet attended his burial.

vi. Antoine LeBlanc (1802), born 1662 in Acadie.

vii. Pierre Leblanc, born 1664 in Port Royal, Acadie.
1684 in Port Royal, Pierre married Marie Elisabeth, d/o Claude Theriault & Marie Gautreau.
1694 in Port Royal, Pierre married Madeleine, d/o Jean Bourg & Marguerite Martin. [6 children.]
11/5/1717, Pierre buried at Port Royal.

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