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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jacques Bourgeois & Jeanne Trahan

3606. Jacques Bourgeois & 3607. Jeanne Trahan

1/28/1621, Jacques born in Couvray, Brie, France.

1/8/1629, Jeanne born in Borgueuil, Anjou, France; d/o 7214. Guillaume Trahan & 7215. Francoise Charbonneau.

1632, Jeanne arrived in Acadia with her family.

1642, Jacques arrived in Acadia with Governor Charles D’Aulnay in a fleet of 4 ships.

1643 in Port Royal, Jacques, a surgeon, age 22, married Jeanne, age 14.

1646, Governor D’Aulnay granted Jacques and Jeanne Isle aux Cochons on the Dauphin River, upstream from Port Royal.

8/16/1654, Jacques a Lieutenant under Germain Doucet at Port Royal when it surrendered to the English.

1671, Jacques and his sons founded Beaubassin [now Amhearst].

1671 census: Jacques Bourgeois, surgeon, age 50, wife Jeanne Trahan, age 40, children: Jeanne, 27, Charles, 25, Germain, 21, Marie, 19, Guillaume, 16, Marguerite, 13, Francois, 12, Anne, 10, Marie, 7, Jeanne, 4; 33 cattle, 24 sheep. [2 different farms.]

Jacques operated a fleet of merchant boats along the coast. Jacques had a knowledge of English, and traded with John Nelson.

1686 census of Port Royal, “Jacob” Bourgeois 67, Jeanne Trahan 57, child: Guillaume 31, 20 arpents.

1686, Jacques and Jeanne moved to Beaubassin to live with their son Germain.

10/15/1687, Jacques signed a document about the activities of Governor D’Aulnay.

1693 census of Port Royal, Jacob Bourgeois 74, Jeanne Trahan 64, Jeanne (granddaughter) 3, 15 cattle, 20 sheep, 15 pigs, 40 arpents, 1 gun.

9/1696, English commander Benjamin Church of Boston attacked Beaubassin.

1698 census of Beaubassin: Sieur Jacques Bourgeois 82, Jeanne Trahan his wife 72, Germain Bourgeois 48, Madeleine Dugas his wife 34, … 22 cattle, 15 hogs, 21 arpents, 3 guns, 1 servant.

7/1699, Jeanne died in Port Royal.

1699, Jacques died in Port Royal. [Not listed in 1700, identified as deceased in documents of 1702.]

Children of Jacques and Jeanne:

i. Jeanne Bourgeois, born 1644 in Acadie.

ii. Charles Bourgeois, born 1646 in Acadie.
1668 in Port Royal, Charles married Anne, d/o Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Louise Judith Doucet.

iii. Germain Bourgeois, born 1650 in Acadie.
1673 in Port Royal, Germain married Marguerite, d/o Antoine Beliveau & 7203. Marie Andree Guyon.
1682 in Port Royal, Germain married Madeleine, d/o Abraham Dugas & Marguerite Louise Judith Doucet.

iv. Marie Francoise Bourgeois, born 1652 in Acadie.
4/10/1670 in Beaubassin, Francoise married Pierre Cyr.
6/9/1680 in Beaubassin, Francoise married Germain Girouard, s/o Francois.
3/2/1741, Francoise, age 89, died in Beaubassin.

v. Guillaume Bourgeois, born 1655 in Acadie.
1686 in Beaubassin, Guillaume married Marie Anne D’Aprendestiguy.

vi. Marguerite Bourgeois, born 1658 in Acadie.
1676 in Beaubassin, Marguerite married Jean Jehan Boudreau, s/o Michel.
11/30/1679 in Beaubassin, Marguerite married Emmanuel Mirande.
1/12/1707 in Beaubassin, Marguerite married Pierre Maisonnat.

vii. Francoise Bourgeois, born 1659 in Acadie.
1673 in Port Royal, Francoise married Claude Dugas, s/o Abraham.
1697, Francoise, age 38, died in Port Royal.

viii. Anne Bourgeois, born 1661 in Acadie.
1679 in Port Royal, Anne married Rene, s/o 3604. Daniel Leblanc & 3605. Francoise Gaudet.
12/28/1747, Anne, age 86, died in St Charles les Mines.

ix. Marie Bourgeois (1803), born 1665 in Acadie.

x. Jeanne Bourgeois, born 1667 in Acadie.
1689 in Port Royal, Jeanne married Pierre Comeau, s/o Pierre.
6/10/1716, Jeanne, age 49, died in Port Royal.

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