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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Francois Biville dit lePicard & Marguerite Pacquet

3660. Francois Biville dit lePicard & 3661. Marguerite Pacquet

1637, Francois born in St-Nicolas, Boulogne, Picardie, France; s/o §Francois Biville & §Jeanne Magnon.

1/7/1645, Marguerite born in St Paul parish, Poitiers, France.; d/o 7322. Mery Pacquet & 7323. Vincente Beaumont.

8/17/1665, Francois arrived in Quebec as a soldier in the Grandfontaine Carignan unit. [Each company was made up of three officers - a captain, a lieutenant and an ensign - 2 sergeants, 3 corporals, 5 lancers and 40 soldiers, including at least 1 drummer.]

1666 census: Francois a master woodworker in lower Quebec City.

1667, Marguerite, her father, and other family members left France for New France.

11/23/1670 in Quebec, Francois contracted to marry Marguerite. Marguerite, as a fille du roi, brought a dowry of 400 livres, and a king’s gift of 50 livres. Marguerite was unable to sign, Francois was able to sign. Intendant Talon witnessed the marriage contract. Attending: Emery – Marguerite’s father.

11/26/1670 in Quebec, Francois, resident of “basse ville de cette paroisse”, married Marguerite. Both origins given. All parents named. Attending: Maurice Pacquet – Marguerite’s brother, Joseph Mignot, Simon Bourbeaut, Pierre Coeur.

7/10/1675, Francois, age 38 and a domestic on the farm of the seigneurie of Beaupre, died in Quebec; buried the same day. [Marguerite was 7 months pregnant.]

1/20/1676 in St-Férréol-des-Neiges, Montmorency, Marguerite married Bernard Gonthier, a cobbler. [5 children.]

1681 Census of Beaumont: Bernard, Marguerite, Jean Biville, Louis Gonthier, Catherine Biville, and Francois Biville, 1 gun, 3 arpents of land.

7/31/1698, Marguerite, age 53, died in St Etienne de Beaumont, Bellechasse.

Children of Francois and Marguerite:

i. Francois Joseph Biville, born 3/10/1672 in Quebec, Canada.
11/9/1693 in Beauport, Francois married Marie Marcou.

ii. Catherine “Miville” (1831), born 3/14/1674 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Jean Biville, born 8/30/1675 in Quebec, Canada. [Died a child.]

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