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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nicolas Pelletier & Jeanne DeVoisy

3670. Nicolas Pelletier & 3671. Jeanne DeVoisy

6/4/1596, Nicolas baptized in St-Pierre-St-Paul, Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France; s/o 7340. Francois Pelletier & 7341. Simone Pichereau. Nicolas’ godfathers were Éloi Pelletier and Nicolas Brebier; his godmother was Mathurine Moinaut, wife of Pâquier Pichereau.

Nicolas’ father died.

2/29/1612 in Gallardon, Nicolas by contract became an apprentice and student [for 4 years] to a master carpenter, Michel Delaval of Epernon [about 10 km from Gallardon].

4/27/1612, Jeanne born in St-Pierre-St-Paul, Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France; d/o §Barthelemy de Voisy & §Jeanne Gardony.

1632 in St-Pierre-St-Paul, Gallardon, Nicolas married Jeanne. [Nicolas could sign his name.]

6/11/1636, Nicolas, Jeanne, and sons Jean and Francois arrived in Quebec.

11/12/1639, Nicolas and Pierre Pelletier, both carpenters, signed a report on the condition of the house of the late Guillaume Hebert.

1640, Nicolas is a carpenter in Quebec.

9/12/1645, Nicolas settled on the cote St Francois Xavier in Sillery. Governor Hualt granted Nicolas, master carpenter, 50 arpents of land.

1647, Nicolas built the roof structure of the Notre Dame de Quebec church.

1647, Jeanne, Nicolas’ wife, sentenced to pay 100 pounds and revenue of sales for selling liquor to the Indians.

1648, Nicolas built the roof structure of the Chateau St Louis.

5/1651, Nicolas repulsed an attack by Iroquois Indians against his homestead.

5/1659, Father Jean de Quen, Superior of the Jesuits, granted Nicolas 50 arpents.

6/6/1661, Nicolas confirmed in Sillery.

11/5/1663, Nicolas and Jeanne listed as residents of Sillery in wedding document of daughter Genevieve.

1667 census of Ste Foy, Nicolas 77, Jeanne 53, son Nicolas 18; Pierre Quartier 18 – domestic.

11/9/1674, Nicolas, age 78, died in Sillery.

Jeanne sells their property in Sillery and settles closer to Montréal.

1681 census of Lanoraie; Jeann, age 70, lives with her son Jean 50, and grandson Jean 18.

12/12/1689, Jeanne, age 77, died in Sorel, Quebec.

Children of Nicolas and Jeanne:

i. Jean Pelletier, born 1633 in St-Pierre-St-Paul, Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France.
8/21/1662 in Sillery, Jean married Marie Genevieve Manovely.
11/2/1659, Jean, age 59, died in Sorel, Quebec. [Killed by Iroquois Indians.]

ii. Francois Pelletier dit Antaya, born 1635 in St-Pierre-St-Paul, Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France.
9/26/1661 in Sillery, Francois married Marguerite Madeleine, d/o Julien Morisseau & Anne Brelancour.
4/1660 in Tadoussac, Francois married Dorothee Amerindienne.
5/14/1690, Francois, age 55, died in Sillery.

iii. Marie Pelletier, born 4/3/1637 in Quebec, Canada.
10/17/1650 in Quebec, Marie married Nicolas Goupil.
8/30/1655 in Quebec, Marie married Denis Jean dit Denis, s/o Elie.
Aft. 3/9/1711, Marie died in Dubreuil.

iv. Louise Pelletier, born 5/10/1640 in Quebec, Canada.
11/17/1653 in Sillery, Louise married Jean Adrien Ayotte, s/o Thomas.
11/9/1713, Louise, age 73, died in Quebec.

v. Francoise Pelletier, born 4/13/1642 in Quebec, Canada.
8/17/1654 in Quebec, Francoise married Jean Beriault.
10/11/1655 in Quebec, Francoise married Sebastien Lienard dit Durbois.
7/16/1707, Francoise, age 65, died in Quebec.

vi. Jeanne Pelletier, born 3/19/1644 in Quebec, Canada.
1/29/1659 in Quebec, Jeanne married Noel Jeremie, Sieur de LaMontagne.
1/23/1715, Jeanne, age 71, died in St Nicolas.

vii. Genevieve Pelletier (1835), born 4/6/1646 in Quebec, Canada.

viii. Nicolas Pelletier dit Marolles, born 4/30/1649 in Sillery, Canada.
1675 in Saguenay, Nicolas married Madeleine Tegoussi.
6/3/1677 in Tadoussac, Nicolas married Francoise Ouechipichinokioue.
8/5/1715 in Quebec, Nicolas married Marie Outchiouanich.
2/12/1729, Nicolas, age 80, died in Chicoutimi.

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