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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jean Normand & Anne Lelaboureur

3724. Jean Normand & 3725. Anne Lelaboureur

1630, Anne born in Caen, Bayeux, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France; d/o §Thomas Lelaboureur & §Marguerite Chardin.

1638, Jean born in Dige, Bellesme, Perche, France; s/o 7448. Gervais Normand & 7449. Leonarde Jouault.

1647, Jean arrived in New France with his parents.

7/8/1656 in Quebec, Jean contracted to marry Anne. Anne’s father listed as deceased.

7/18/1656 in Quebec, Jean, resident of Quebec, married Anne. Anne’s origin given. All parents named. Jean’s mother deceased. Attending: Le Gaigneur, Audouart St Germain, Le Maistre.

3/13/1661, Jean accepted a lease consisting of a building, barn, stable, garden and plowable lands, from Barbe de Boulogne, widow of Louis d’Ailleboust. She also provided 2 good oxen, and 2 cows. Jean was to provide butter, 30 minots of wheat, …

5/12/1664 in Quebec, Jean Normand godfather to Marie, d/o Isaac Bedard & Marie Girard.

1666 [& 1667] censuses at Notre-Dame-des-Anges [Charlesbourg], Jean a carpenter, age 28, Anne age 36, Marie 8, Jean 5, Charles 4, Jaques 2, Jacques Francois 6 months.

4/19/1671 in Quebec, Jean, resident of la Canardiere near the river St Charles, present at the wedding of his son Joseph.

1681 census at Petitie Auvergne, Charlesbourg: Jean 45, Anne age 52, children: Jean 20, Charles 18, Jacques 17, Francois 13, Marie 14, Joseph 13, Jeanne 11, Genevieve 9, Louis 7.

12/11/1700, Anne buried in Quebec.

5/2/1703 in Quebec, Jean, age 76, married 3887. Marie Madeleine Brassard, age 61.

7/25/1706, Jean, age 70, buried in La Canardiere, Quebec.

(S) PRDH Family #991.

Children of Jean and Anne:

i. Marie Normand, born 7/27/1658 in Quebec, Canada.
3/4/1680 in Quebec, Marie married Pierre Lambert, s/o Jacques & Pierrette Bachelet.
6/12/1712, Marie, age 54, died in St Nicolas.

ii. Jean Normand, born 1/23/1661 in Quebec, Canada.
6/6/1686 in Quebec, Jean married Anne Jeanne, d/o Paul Charles Chalifour & Jacquette Archambault.
2/11/1691, Jean, age 30, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

iii. Charles Normand, born 10/30/1663 in Quebec, Canada.
11/20/1691 in Quebec, Charles married Marie Madeleine Dionne Sansoucy dit Guyon, d/o Antoine Dionne & Catherine Yvory.
3/13/1703 in Quebec, Charles married Francoise Monique Jean, d/o Denis.
3/22/1715, Charles, age 52, died in Quebec.

iv. Marie Suzanne Normand, born 12/19/1666 in Quebec, Canada.
2/5/1686 in Quebec, Suzanne married Jacques Huppe dit Lagrois, s/o Michel.
11/22/1738, Suzanne, age 72, died in Beauport.

v. Joseph Normand (1862), born 1/10/1669 in Quebec, Canada.

vi. Marie Jeanne Francoise Normand, born ? in Quebec, Canada.
11/13/1690 in Quebec, Jeanne married Joseph Lemire, s/o Jean.
12/26/1702, Jeanne, age 32, died in Quebec.

vii. Genevieve Normand, born ? in Quebec, Canada.
2/5/1691 in Quebec, Genevieve married Francois Treffle dit Rotot.
4/14/1669 in Quebec, Genevieve married Francois Xavier Larue.
8/21/1741, Genevieve, age 69, died in Quebec.

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