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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Francois Rene Mezeray dit Nopces & Nicole Madeleine Gareman

3722. Francois Rene Mezeray dit Nopces & 3723. Nicole Madeleine Gareman

3/20/1625, Rene born in Thury-Harcourt, Caen, Lisieux, Normandie, Calvados, France, s/o §Jean Mezeray & §Anne Olivier.

1631, Nicole born in Bagneux, Vic-sur-Aisne, Soissons, Picard, France; d/o 7446. Pierre Gareman & 7447. Madeleine Charlot.

12/16/1638, Rene a resident of Quebec, New France.

1639, Nicole with her parents in Quebec.

1641, Rene working for the Sieur de Repentigny.

9/25/1641 in Quebec, Rene married Helene Chatel. Rene’s occupation, journeyman. Noel Morin, “charron de l’habitation” was present. A soldier, Guillaume du Trouquet was also present. The wedding took place in the home of M de Repentigny.

1644, Rene a domestic for the Jesuits in Sillery.

1644, Nicole 1st contracted to marry Jacques Delaunay.

7/19/1644, Nicole’s marriage to Jacques annulled.

9/14/1645 in Trois Rivieres, Rene married Nicole. Rene’s origin given. Nicole a resident of Trois Rivieres, age 15. All parents named. Rene’s father deceased.

10/28/1652 in Quebec, Rene present at the wedding of Anne Hayot.

10/8/1659, Nicole confirmed in Quebec.

1666 census of Comte de Quebec [Sillery Cap Rouge]: Rene 50, Nicole Madeleine 35, children: Jean 16, Thomas 14, Rene 12, Marie 8, Catherine 6, Marie Catherine 2.

1667 census of Ste Foy: Rene 55, Nicole 36, children: Jean 15, Thomas 14, Rene 12, Marie 10, Marie Madeleine 9, Marie Catherine 4; 4 cattle, on 100 arpents of land. Francois Avril 24, and Mondou Aubin 24 – domestics.

7/16/1673 in Rene and Nicole residents of Gaudarville, parish of St Michel, Sillery. (S) Wedding of daughter Madeleine.

1681 census of L’Ancienne-Lorette; Rene 71, Nicole 51, son Medard 15, son Charles 11.

4/10/1688, Nicole, age 58, died in Neuville.

5/26/1688 in Neuville, Rene, resident of Cap Rouge, married widow Violette Francoise Milot, resident of Neuville. Both previous spouses named. Attending: Charles Gautie, Francois Gregoire, Leonard Fouche, Jean Chenier.

12/28/1689, Rene and Francoise gave their daughter Marie and her husband Jean Adam a dwelling in Neuville for their marriage. [Jean nullified the agreement the following March because it required him to live in the dwelling.]

1671, Rene present at the wedding of Antoine Bisson.

7/14/1675, Rene received a grant of 44 arpents in Lauzon.

7/1679, Rene sold the land in Lauzon to Jacques Berthiaume.

1681, Rene a resident of Neuville, 3 cattle, 30 arpents of land.

3/16/1695, Rene, age 70, died in Neuville.

Family notes:
• Rene a cousin of Charles Cadieux married to Madeleine Macard.

Children of Rene and Nicole:

i. Michel Mezeray, born 10/11/1646 in Sillery, Canada. [Died age 20.]

ii. Genevieve Mezeray, born 7/5/1648 in Sillery, Canada.
1/24/1661 in Quebec, Genevieve married Etienne Tellier, s/o Jacques.
8/8/1676 in Sillery, Genevieve married Francois Dussault, s/o Francois.
1/10/1718, Genevieve, age 70, died in Les Ecureuils.

iii. Jean Mezeray, born 8/17/1650 in Sillery, Canada.
9/30/1673 in Sillery, Jean married Marie Madeleine, d/o Pierre Masse & Marie Pinet.
11/15/1709, Jean, age 59, died in Neuville.

iv. Thomas Mezeray, born 12/4/1652 in Sillery, Canada.
9/12/1678 in Quebec, Thomas married Louise, d/o 7318. Pierre Paradis & 7319. Marie Barbe Guyon dit Dion.
Bef. 6/18/1691, Thomas, age 39, died in Quebec.

v. Rene Mezeray, born 3/20/1655 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 26.]

vi. Marie Mezeray, born 10/21/1657 in Quebec, Canada.
1673 in Sillery, Marie married Jean Adam.
11/22/1714, Marie, age 57, died in St Etienne, Beaumont.

vii. Marie Madeleine Mezeray (1861), born 1658 in Quebec, Canada.

viii. Marie Catherine Mezeray, born 4/20/1664 in Quebec, Canada.
1/16/1680 in Ancienne Lorette, Catherine married Jacques Auvray.
11/7/1712 in Charlesbourg, Catherine married Francois Darveau.
2/2/1721, Catherine, age 57, died in Charlesbourg.

ix. Medard Mezeray, born 3/3/1668 in Sillery, Canada.

x. Charles Mezeray, born 4/12/1672 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 9.]

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