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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Robert Boulay &. Francoise Grenier

3718. Robert Boulay &. 3719. Francoise Grenier

1630, Robert born in diocese Montagne, St. Germaine De Loise, Perche, France; s/o §Nicholas Boulet & §Jeanne L’Escallier.

1634, Francoise born in St. Germain-de-Loise, Mortagne, France; d/o 7434. Claude Grenier & 7435. Marie Catherine Huot.

1/11/1657, Robert married Francoise in St. Germaine De Loise, Montagne, Perche, France.

6/6/1662, cited by Pierre Moreau, prior to his leaving La Rochelle, for a loan (bond) that allowed Robert, Francoise and daughter Jacqueline to travel to La Rochelle. (S) Bond, Robert Boule to Charles Turgeon.

6/23/1662 Robert left France for New France with his wife during a food shortage. Robert borrowed from Charles Turgeon 20 livre to pay his voyage. Charles was on the same boat. The trip was directed by Pierre Boucher who was requested by the King of France. Two ships, the Eagle-of-Gold and the St-Jean-Baptiste were under his command. They carried 300 people in all, which included many soldiers. The trip took longer than expected and 32 people died on the voyage.

11/8/1662, Robert refunded to Charles the money he had borrowed in France.

11/6/1663, Robert obtains from the lord of Lirec, Ile of Orleans, a ground of 3 arpents face between Pierre Boucher and Pierre Roches.

2/6/1664 at Chateau Richer, son Jacques christened. His godfather was Jacques Letourneau, his godmother Marie Madeleine Boucher.

1666 Census of Ste-Famille I.O., Robert 36 and a farmer, Françoise 36, Jacqueline 8, Jacques 2, Jean [Roy] 6 months; with 5 head of cattle and 6 arpents of cleared land.

1667 Census of Ste-Famille I.O., Robert, 36 and a farmer, Francoise 36, Jacqueline 9, Jacques 4 and Jean Baptist 4 months. 5 animals & 6 arpents of ground in value.

6/22/1667, Robert acquired a concession on St-Jean Island, close to Nicolas Audet. Robert was hired by Nicolas “to help him build a house to be finished within one year from this day”.

2/22/1669, Mgr of Laval gave Robert his title of owner. He had neighbors Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe and Pierre Michel.

11/25/1670, Robert sells his land between Pierre Boucher and Pierre Roches to Jean-Galéran Boucher for the sum of 400 pounds.

9/21/1672 in Ste-Famille I.O., Francoise the godmother to Nicolas Hode, s/o Nicolas.

2/24/1674 in Ste-Famille I.O., Francoise the godmother to Jean Guilimet, s/o Nicolas.

6/19/1674, Robert received, in the name of his son Jacques, 3 arpents on Point-on-the-Curdles (Montmagny).

11/19/1675, Robert sold the 3 arpents of 1674 [Seigniory of Mgr. of Laval] to Pierre Mairier for the sum of 165 pounds, and Francoise received a pair of French shoes worth 5 livres. The sale was signed at Beauport by the notary Vachon, in the presence of Michel Huppe and Jean Crete.

1679, Louis Couillard of Espinay conceded in Robert Boulay a ground of 6 arpents on the edge of the river with St Thomas of the Point with the Ruail (Montmagny).

1681 Census in Berthier-en-Bas, Robert, 50 and a farmer, Françoise 44, children Jacques 17, Pierre 12, Martin 9, Francoise 7, Robert 4, Jean 2. He had 1 rifle, 6 animals with horns, and 5 arpents in value. Their daughter Jacqueline and her husband Pierre Joncas lived nearby.

4/21/1686, Robert & Francoise residents of Seigneurie De L’espinay, Paroisse De St-Thomas in wedding document of son Jacques.

2/21/1689, Robert and Francoise residents of Montmagny. (S) Wedding document of daughter Francoise.

3/24/1707, Robert, given age 76, died in Montmagny; buried the next day.

1/28/1709, Francoise “Boule”, spouse of “Robert Boule”, age 75, died in Montmagny; buried the next day.

Children of Robert and Francoise:

i. Jacqueline Boulay, born 4/10/1659 in St. Germain de Loise, France.
6/8/1672 by the abbé Thomas Morel, missionary of the south shore (Sainte-Famille parish register), Jacqueline married Pierre Joncas dit Lapierre, s/o Antoine Joncas & Arnaude Galline.
2/22/1736 Jacqueline, surviving her husband for 19 years, died; buried in Saint-Thomas L’apotre, Montréal, by priest Fornel. Grandson Joseph Joncas attended the burial.

ii. Jacques Boulay (1992), born 2/6/1664 in Chateau-Richer, Québec.

iii. Jean Roy Boulay, born 1666 in I.O., Quebec, Canada. [Died an infant.]

iv. Jean Baptiste Boulay, baptized 4/17/1667 in Ste. Famille, I.O., Québec, Canada. [Died a child.]

v. Pierre Boulay, born 2/18/1669 in Ste. Famille, I.O., Québec, Canada. [Died age 20.]

vi. Marie Boulay, baptized 12/20/1670 in Ste. Famille Ile-d’Orleans, Québec. [Died an infant.]

vii. Martin Boulay, born 3/21/1672 in Ste. Famille Ile-d’Orleans, Québec.
10/13/1698 in St-Pierre I.O., Martin married Francoise, d/o Jacques Nolin & Francoise Chalifour.
1715, 3 daughters died within 2 weeks of each other: Angélique 15, Marie Anne 12, & Genevieve 10.
1/24/1724 in Montmagny, Francoise died. Charles Fournier and Germain Guimond assisted at the burial.
10/16/1728 in Montmagny, Martin died. Charles Fournier, Nicolas Bouchard & Guy Morin assisted at the burial.

i. Marie Francoise Boulay (1869), born 8/9/1674 in Ste Famille Ile-d’Orleans, Québec, Canada .

ix. Robert Paul Boulay, born 8/21/1677 in Riviere du-Sud, Québec.
4/25/1695 in Notre Dame, Quebec, Paul married Marie Francoise, d/o Maurice Pacquet, s/o 7322. Emery Pacquet & 7323. Vincente Beaumont. The witnesses were from the distinguished people of the capital; Francois Hazeur – one of the most important merchants of the region, Nicolas Regeot – son of the notary and Sieur de Saint-Luc; Jacques Liberge – cutler, Jean Poitras – master wood worker and son of Joseph and Jean Dubreuil. Her brothers Jacques & Francois attended, as did his brother Martin.
2/16/1736 in Lauzon, Paul, age 60, died; buried the next day in St. Henri, Quebec. Prisque Boucher, the parish clerk, attended the burial.
3/18/1765, Francoise, age 90 & spouse of deceased Paul Boulette, died. Buried 6 days later, she was the 1st person buried in the cemetery of Saint-Henri-de-Lauzon. Her son Augustin attended the burial.

x. Jean Paul Boulay, born 1679 in Riviere du-Sud, Québec.
1681 Census, Jean named as a 2-year-old member of the family living in Montmagny.

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