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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & Antoinette Grenier

3716. Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & 3717. Antoinette Grenier

11/16/1633, Jacques born in St-Germain l'Auxerrois, Paris, France; s/o §Yves Bernier & §Michelle Treuillet.

1638, Antoinette born in St. Germain-de-Loise, Mortagne, France; d/o 7434. Claude Grenier & 7435. Marie Catherine Huot.

Jacques learned to count and write his name.

By 1652, Jacques living in New France.

3/3/1653 in Quebec, Jacques witnessed the wedding contract of Nicolas Gaudry & Agnes Morin, d/o 3622. Noel Morin & 3623. Helene Desportes.

Antoinette, living in Paroisse De St-Laurent, Paris, contracted to marry Jacques Bernier of Quebec.

7/1656, Antoinette arrived in Quebec, New France to be married.

7/23/1656 in Quebec, Jacques married Antoinette. The Governor, Jean de Lauzon, attended the wedding. Both sets of parents are named in the wedding document. It is known that Antoinette married Jacques within 15 days of arriving in New France. “Dauteuil” also attended.

Jacques and Antoinette went to live on the south coast of the western tip of Ile de Orleans.

11/7/1657, Jacques promised to pay Eleonore de Grandmaison 150 livres spread over 4 years.

3/19/1659, Jacques Gourdeau, Sieur de Beaulieu, ceded Jacques land bordering Gabriel Gosselin.

11/8/1661, Jacques added another arpent frontage to his property.

8/20/1662, Jacques renewed his lease made in 1657.

2/15/1664, Jacques granted 6 arpents in the seigneurie of la Chevalerie by Jean and Nicolas Juchereau.

11/14/1664, Jacques ceded land by Clement Ruel.

1665, Jacques and Antoinette took their small son Charles to the church of Sainte-Anne where he was healed.

1666, Jacques lives on Ile d’Orleans, Quebec; 8 cattle, 25 arpents of land.

1667 census of Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques 32, Antoinette 30, children: Pierre 9, Marie 6, Charles 5, Jacques 3, Jean 1; Gilles Gautereau 20, Pierre Nepveu 20, Guillaume Frete – domestics; 25 arpents under cultivation, 8 cattle. [Jacques a large land owner on the western tip of Ile de Orleans.]

7/19/1667, Jacques agreed to farm the land of Marguerite Chavigny for 5 more years.

10/5/1667, Jacques bought 2 arpents frontal from Andre Metayer for 40 livres.

11/14/1667, “Jacques Bernier dit Jean deParis” a witness to a contract of Thomas Rousseau.

2/9/1670, Jacques ceded back the land acquired from Clement Ruel in 1664.

2/5/1673, Jacques received a concession in future Cap-St-Ignace of 9 arpents frontal by 40 deep from seigneuresses Eleonore de Grandmaison and her daughter Genevieve de Chavigny.

3/6/1673, Jacques sold the land acquired from the Juchereau brothers.

4/28/1674, Jacques, resident of Ile de Orleans, sold land to Gabriel Gosselin.

Antoinette & Jacques moved as the 1st settlers to Cap-St-Ignace. [Wrote Father Sirois: “In the early days, the missionaries said mass and performed the duties of curate in the house of Jacques Bernier … This house was located on the edge of the river.”]

10/24/1674, Jacques, resident of Cap-St-Ignace, sold land to Guillaume Lelievre.

~1675, Jacques bought a boat from Paul de Rainville to transport his wood to Quebec.

2/11/1678 at Cap-St-Ignace, Jacques the godfather to Jacques Thibault, s/o 1814. Francois Thibault & 1815. Elisabeth Agnes Lefebvre.

11/11/1680, Paul owed merchant Jean LePicard 151 livres 18 sols.

1681 Census of Berthier en Bas [Bellechasse]: Jacques, 46, Antoinette 47, children: Pierre 22, Marie 20, Charles 18, Jacques 16, Jean 14, Elisabeth 12, Geneveive 10, Philippe 8, Ignace 6, Antoinette 3; has a gun, 8 cattle, & 10 arpents of cultivated land. There neighbors were 1936. Nicolas Bouchard & 1937. Anne LeRoy.

7/11/1682, Jacques remitted land on Ile de Orleans to Eleonore de Grandmaison.

10/15/1683, « Jean » Bernier dit Deparis, resident of the seigneury of Vincelotte, bought the seigneurie of Pointe-aux-Foins from Guillaume Fournier for 260 livres ; 30 arpents frontage by 2 leagues depth. Jacques named it the seigneurier of St Joseph.

10/27/1684, Jacques completed payment on the seigneurier of St Joseph.

10/28/1686, Jacques appeared before the Soverign Council over a minor property dispute with Guillaume Fornier.

10/4/1687, Jacques, resident of Vincelotte, ceded 2 arpents in St Joseph to Jacques Miville.

2/21/1689, Jacques and Antoinette residents of Cap St Ignace. (S) Wedding document of son Pierre.

10/30/1694, Jacques and Antoinette residents of Cap St Ignace. (S) Wedding document of son Jean.

11/21/1700 in Cap St Ignace, Jacques attended the burial of Joseph Bernier.

1/23/1701, the mission at Berthier en Bas, [Bellechase] was created a parish.

4/30/1704 in Cap-St-Ignace, Antoinette, a midwife, baptized [Ondoyee] the infant child of Pierre Cahouette.

8/16/1712, Jacques and Antoinette gave land to son Charles “who had aided and cared for the said donors.”

2/17/1713 in Cap-St-Ignace, Antoinette, given age 75, died; buried the next day. 4 sons: Pierre, Charles, Jean, & Philippe attended the burial.

7/20/1713, Jacques, age 80, died in Cap St Ignace; buried the next day.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXIII.

Children of Jacques and Antoinette:

i. Noelle Bernier, born 9/3/1657 in Quebec. [Died age 8]

ii. Pierre Bernier (1868), born 1/25/1659 in Ste Famille I.O., Canada.

iii. Marie Michelle Bernier, born 10/18/1660 in Quebec, Canada.
2/19/1678 in Quebec, Michelle married Pierre Caron, s/o 7308. Robert Caron & 7309. Marie Crevet.

iv. Charles Bernier, born ~1661 in Quebec, Canada.
10/25/1694 in Cap-St-Ignace, Charles married Marie Anne, d/o Guillaume Lemieux & Elisabeth Langlois.
3/28/1731 in Cap-St-Ignace, Charles died.

v. Jacques Bernier, born 10/28/1664 in Chateau-Richer, Canada.
8/16/1712, Jacques signed the gift of land from his parents to his brother Charles.

vi. Jean Baptiste Bernier (1858), born 8/26/1666 in Ste Famille I.O., Canada.

vii. Elisabeth Marie Bernier, born ~1668 in Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1683 in Cap-St-Ignace, Elisabeth married Joseph Caron, s/o 7308. Robert Caron & 7309. Marie Crevet.
4/4/1744 in L’Islet, Elisabeth died in L’Islet.

viii. Genevieve Marie Bernier, born 9/20/1670 in Quebec, Canada.
1/8/1691 in Cap-St-Ignace, Genevieve married Louis Cote, s/o Louis Cote & Elisabeth Langlois.
5/20/1716, Genevieve, age 46, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

ix. Philippe Bernier, born 1/5/1673 in Ste-Famille I.O., Canada.
10/30/1701 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Philippe married Ursule, d/o 3654. Jean Baptiste Caron & 3655. Marguerite Gagnon.
1/4/1750, Philippe, age 77, died in Cap-St-Ignace.

x. Ignace Bernier, born 4/6/1675 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 3]

xi. Antoinette Bernier, born ~1677 in Quebec, Canada.

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