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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Robert Drouin & Marie Chapelier

3674. Robert Drouin & 3675. Marie Chapelier

8/6/1607, Robert baptized in the parish of Saint-Barthelemy, Pin-la-Garenne, Orne, Mortagne, Canton of Pervencheres, Perche, France; s/o 7348. Robert Drouin & 7349. Marie Dubois.

1633, Marie born in St-Etienne de Brie-Comte-Robert, Melun, Brie, France; d/o §Jean Chapelier & §Marguerite Dodier.

7/20/1634, Robert arrived in New France with Francois Aubert, Philippe Amyot, Jean Cote and Mathurin Grouvel who left from the port of Dieppe for New France.

7/1635, Robert lived in the home of [3620] Zacharie Cloutier making bricks, in the seigneurie of Robert Giffard.

7/12/1636 in Quebec, Robert contracted to marry Anne, 10-year-old d/o 3620. Zacharie Cloutier & 3621. Sainte Dupont [his employers.] The newlyweds were to continue to live in the Cloutier home for a period of three years and the bride agreed to be “conseillee” by her parents. Present: Olivier Tardiff, Francois Dere.

9/2/1637 in Quebec, Anne Cloutier, wife of Robert Drouin, godmother at the baptism of Anne, d/o 7178. Noel Langlois & 7179. Francoise Grenier.

3/25/1640, Robert sold 7000 bricks to the nursing order of the Hospitalieres. He contracted to deliver them the following June on the shore of the river near Beauport opposite his workyard for a price of “two poinsons of wheat.”

1640, Robert married Anne, part of the 1st double marriage of New France. [There were to be no conjugal visits for 2 years.]

1641, Robert lived on the Beaupre coast between Jacques Boissel and Claude Estienne. (S) Map of Jean Bourdon.

1642, Robert and others of Beauport were accused of having plotted to kill Jacques Bourguignon, who sued them in the Criminal Court of Québec.

9/22/1643, Robert mention as living in Beaupre in a deed of 7346. Jean Cauchon.

10/14/1645, Robert promised 200 bricks to Grouvel.

4/17/1646, Robert received a grant from Tardiff of 6 arpents frontage by 126 in depth.

2/5/1647, Roberts daughter Jeanne is baptized in their home at Riviere-aux-Chiens.

2/4/1648, Anne, age 22, buried in Quebec. [Anne had died in Chandeleur. The Jesuit Journal gives the account of the arrival of the body at the Hospital of Québec, where vespers were said before the interment.]

Robert gave his in-laws temporary custody of his 2 daughters, rented his land to Julien Perrault, and left the area.

Marie 1st married to Pierre Petit.

11/26/1649, Robert signed a contract to marry widow Marie. Robert promised to take up residence close to Quebec. Robert Hache, Marie’s cousin present.

11/29/1649 in Quebec, Robert married Marie. Both origins given. All parents and both previous spouses given. Marie’s father deceased. Attending: Guillaume Couillard, Robert Hache, Robert Lecoq.

6/6/1651, Robert given a grant by the Jesuits close to Sebastien Dodier, a relative of Marie. The grant of 2 arpents in frontage on the river to a depth of 20 arpents was located on the Cap between the properties of Jean Lanqueteau and Jean Poisson.

Robert continued as a brick maker, but was also involved in the fur trade at the Trois-Rivières market.

By 1652, Robert had moved his family back to Quebec to Ste Anne de Beaupre.

4/11/1662, Robert and his children Marie, age 12, Nicolas age 10, Pierre age 9, confirmed in Chateau Richer by Monseigneur Rev. Evesque.

8/14/1662, Marie Chapplier, wife of Robert Drouin, godmother to Etienne, s/o 3650. Etienne Racine & 3651. Marguerite Martin.

5/2/1664, Robert and Marie gave their daughter Marie as part of her marriage contract a milk cow, some clothing, some linens and dishes, and 100 livres in cash.

7/25/1664, Robert and Marie modified their wedding contract.

1664, Marie gave a livre to the church of Ste Anne. [Likely part of the family’s annual celebration of the recovery of son Nicolas from his “sleeping” disease.]

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Robert 60, Marie 42, children: Geneveive 23, Jeanne 20, Nicolas 14, Pierre 12, Marguerite 10, Etienne 8, Catherine 6, Jean Baptiste 4.

1667 census of Beaupre: Robert owned 6 cattle and 10 arpents of cleared land.

1668, Robert sold a half-arpent of river frontage to Francois Lacroix for 100 livres.

1669, Robert sold some of back-area land to Francois Branliac.

1670, Robert and Marie residents of Chateau Richer.

1681 census of Beaupre: Robert has 20 arents of cleared land.

10/4/1681, Robert accepted 14-year-old Charles Balarneau as an apprentice on a 3-year contract.

7/27/1682, Robert contracted with his son Etienne to help make bricks. Etienne was to keep half the profits from his work.

5/31/1685, Robert died in chateau Richer; buried the next day. An inventory of his estate revealed goods worth 732 livres. After deducting 8 livres for funeral costs, 15 for the church at Château-Richer, 9 livres for the cost of the inventory, 65 livres of dower and 266 livres for half of the selling price of the house [which went to Marie], there was 152 livres to divide among 5 inheritors, who brought multiple suits before the courts.

6/1685, Robert’s inventory performed by notary Jacob.

3/18/1697, Marie died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec; buried 3 days later.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-II.

Children of Robert and Anne:

i. Agnes Drouin, born 1/25/1641 in Quebec, Canada. [Died an infant.]

ii. Genevieve Drouin, born 10/19/1643 in Quebec, Canada.
[At baptism the godfather was Jean Gagnon, privately baptized by Mathurin Gagnon.]
4/24/1656 in Beauport, Genevieve married Tomain Trepanier, s/o Charles.

iii. Jeanne Drouin, baptized 5/2/1647 in Quebec, Canada.
11/10/1659 in Quebec, Jeanne married Pierre Maheu, s/o Jean.

Children of Robert and Marie:

i. Marie Drouin, baptized 9/18/1650 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.
11/22/1662 in Chateau Richer, Marie married Nicolas Lebel, s/o Clement.
5/2/1664, Marie, age 14, buried in Chateau Richer. [Drowned at Rivière-aux-Chiens “coming to Sainte-Anne to hear the Holy Mass ... and with the intention of making her devotions.”]

ii. Nicolas Drouin, born 1/7/1652 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
Nicolas, being afflicted by a falling sickness, and who was in danger of dying in a fire or in the water and who often fell down as if dead wherever he found himself, vowed to Sainte-Anne and started a novena in her honor ... and recovered his health on the feast of Sainte-Anne.
11/6/1674 in Quebec, Nicolas married Marie, d/o Pierre Denis Loignon & Francoise Roussin.

iii. Pierre Drouin, baptized 11/30/1653 in Quebec, Canada. [Died a child.]

iv. Marguerite Drouin (1837), born 12/23/1655 in Quebec, Canada.

v. Etienne Drouin, born 1658 in Quebec, Canada.
11/3/1682 in Ste Famille, I.O., Etienne married Catherine, d/o Pierre Denis Loignon & Francoise Roussin.
4/13/1711 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Etienne married Jeanne, d/ Jean Barette & Jeanne Bitouset.
9/13/1732, Etienne, age 74, died in Chateau Richer.

vi. Catherine Drouin, born 1/2/1660 in Quebec, Canada.
11/24/1676 in Chateau Richer, Catherine married Michel Roulois, s/o Michel.
11/17/1688 in Chateau Richer, Catherine married Guillaume Simon, s/o Hubert.
3/25/1734, Catherine, age 74, died in Chateau Richer.

vii. Jean Baptiste Drouin, forn 2/13/1662 in Chateau Richer, Canada. [Died age 19.]

viii. Marie Madeleine Drouin, born 11/26/1664 in Chateau Richer, Canada. [Died an infant.]

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