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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sebastien Langelier & Marie de Beauregard

3732. Sebastien Langelier & 3733. Marie de Beauregard

1617, Sebastien born in St-Lubin-de-Fresquienne, Rouen, Normandy, France; s/o §Michel Langelier & §Catherine Bideau.

1647, Marie born in St-Germain-l'Auxerrois, Paris, France; d/o §Olivier Beauregard & §Phillipine Ardouin. [Marie born in the center of Paris.]

Sebastien traveled to New France.

4/6/1654, Sebastien witnessed a deed of Louis d’Ailleboust, Sieur de Coulogne.

8/10/1659, Sebastien confirmed with 181 others at Quebec, counted among the first to receive this sacrament from the hands of the Bishop of Quebec, who had debarked the preceding June 16th.

5/1662, Sebastien bought a piece of land near Sillery from Jacques Nourry, 1.5 arpents frontage to the depth of the Grand Allee, for 120 livres. There was a building and cabin on the land.

12/15/1663, before the Council, Pierre Normand claimed a debt of 22 livres from Sebatien for edgetool work done 2 years earlier. He offered to take a cow in payment.

4/5/1664, Sebastien still had not paid Pierre Normand his debt. Sebastien asked to able to pay the debt by 13 livres of wheat.

10/31/1665, Sebastien and Marie signed their wedding contract, with common ownership of all property. Marie brought a trousseau worth 200 livres. Sebastien pledged 300 livers tournois. Marie signed the document. The Governor was a witness.

11/11/1665 in Quebec, a Thursday, Sebastien, age 48, married Marie, age 18.

1667 Census of St Ignace, Cap Rouge, … Sebastien and Marie had 5 arpents of cleared land, 1 cattle.

8/20/1667, a lawsuit was brought before the Sovereign Council of New France, indicating that Marie led a scandalous life. [She was married to a man 30 years older than her.]

1/7/1669, Sebastien signed a lease with Claude Charron, a merchant of Quebec, to work his land on the St Ignace coast.

12/10/1674, Sebastien at the Soverign Council “appealed a sentence imposed by the Lieutenant-General of the city … in favor of Jean Routhier who claimed the price of three shirts in compensation after Langlier failed to make a payment for a heifer.” Sebastien’s appeal failed.

1681 census of Quebec; Sebastien 64, Marie 34, children: Charles 11, Pierre 7, Marie 4.

Sebastien, age 65, died in Quebec.

9/20/1682, Marie signed a marriage contract with Etienne Gelinas.

10/12/1682 in Quebec, Marie, age 35, married Etienne Gelinas, age 58. [2 children.]

Marie and Etienne settled at Neuville.

5/31/1689, Marie de Beauregard, in a document of her daughter Marie, identified as “one of the poor” of the Seigneurie of Lotbiniere.

6/2/1692, Marie listed as a widow, resident of St Michel, Cote de Sillery, in the wedding records of son Charles.

10/24/1715, a Thursday, Marie buried in L’Islet sur Mer.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXIX.

Children of Sebastien and Marie:

i. Charles Langelier (1866), born 10/12/1670 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Pierre Langelier, baptized 11/24/1673 in Quebec, Canada.
12/26/1702, Pierre died of small pox at Hotel Dieu.

iii. Marie Anne Langelier, born 6/13/1678 in Quebec, Canada.
5/31/1689, Marie Anne hired into the service of Catherine Jobin, “until she reaches Sixteen years Complete. Upon leaving their service, she will receive A Cow and A suit of clothes.”
6/3/1697 in Cap St Ignace, Anne married Jean Francois Gely, s/o Jean.
5/7/1758, Anne died in Ancienne Lorette; buried the next day.

iv. Vincent Langelier, born 1683 in Quebec, Canada.
2/9/1703, Vincent, a seminary student, age 20, died of small pox at Hotel Dieu.

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