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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jacques Bilodeau & Genevieve Longchamp

3748. Jacques Bilodeau & 3749. Genevieve Longchamp

1634, Jacques born in Poitiers, Poitou, France; s/o 7496. Pierre Bilodeau & 7497. Jeanne Fleury.

1634, Genevieve born in France, d/o §Pierre Longchamp & §Marie Desantes.

1652, Jacques arrived in New France from Poitou.

10/28/1654 in Quebec, Jacques, age 20, married Genevieve, age 20. All parents listed. Attending: M’s Gisfart, Decharny, Delaferte [the marriage in his home.]

4/2/1656, Jacques received 1 of 14 concessions on I.O. from Charles de Lauzon of 4 arpents frontage on the north side of the river. [St Pierre, later Ste. Famille.]

6/24/1659, Jacques got a new neighbor, Antoine Pepin dit Lachance, who had acquired the lands of Denis Guyon. Jacques Asselin also lived nearby.

2/2/1660, Jacques confirmed in Chateau Richer.

11/16/1662, Jacques godfather to 1872. Jacques Gendron dit Lafontaine.

1666 census of Ste Famille, I.O.: Jacques Bilodeau, Genevieve Longchamp, children: Gabriel, Simon, Jacques, Louise, Antoine, Jean. Claude Masson a baker and servant. Jean le Vasseur and Claude Lefebvre dit Boulanger – hired servants.

1667 census of Ile de Orleans: Jacques Bilodeau, 6 cattle, 25 arpents of land.

2/5/1674 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques present at the wedding of Mathurine Leroux & Martin Mercier.

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O.: Jacques, Genevieve, Gabriel, Simon, Antoine, Jeanne; a gun, 30 cattle, 10 arpents of land.

11/28/1686 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques attended the wedding of 1872. Jacques Gendron dit Lafontaine & 1873. Marie Anne Charland dit Francoeur.

2/15/1694, Jacques Asselin and Jacques Bilodeau ceded land of Louis de Villeray to Claude Charland.

12/13/1700, Jacques attended the burial of neighbor Louise Roussin, wife of Jacques Asselin.

1/24/1705, Jacques Asselin and Jacques Bilodeau witness the burial of Marguerite Leclerc, wife of Jean Rabouin.

2/8/1712, Jacques, age 78, died in St Francois, I.O.

3/27/1718, Genevieve, age 84, died in St Francois, I.O.

Children of Jacques and Genevieve:

i. Jacques Bilodeau, born 12/24/1656 in Quebec, Canada.
8/27/1713, Jacques, age 57, died in Montreal.

ii. Louis Bilodeau, born 1657 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 24.]

iii. Jean Bilodeau, born 1658 in I.O., Canada.
10/26/1682 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jean married Elisabeth, d/o Jean Lehoux & Elisabeth Drugeon.
11/20/1684 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jean married Marie Jeanne, d/o Jacques Jahan & Marie Ferra.
9/3/1699, Jean, age 41, died in St Francois, I.O.

iv. Antoine Bilodeau, born 1659 in St Jean, I.O., Canada.
11/13/1685 in St Jean, I.O., Antoine married Genevieve, d/o 3750. Abel Turcotte & 3751. Marie Giraud.
11/30/1732, Antoine, age 73, died in St Francois, I.O.

v. Simon Bilodeau (1874), born 5/1/1662 in Chateau Richer, I.O., Canada.

vi. Gabriel Bilodeau, born 1664 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 21.]

vii. Louise Bilodeau, born 1665 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 2.]

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