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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jean Trudel & Marguerite Thomas

3764. Jean Trudel & 3765. Marguerite Thomas

1629, Jean born in Parfondeval, Mortagne-Perche, Orne, France; d/o §Jean Trudelles & §Marguerite Noyer.

1634, Marguerite born in Stavelot, Liege, Belgium; d/o §Jean Thomas & §Marguerite Fredery.

1655, Jean traveled to New France.

11/14/1655 in Quebec, Jean “Trudelles”, a canvas weaver, married Marguerite. All parents named. Attending: M de la Ferte, M de StDenys, M Giffard. The marriage took place at the home of Giffard.

11/19/1655, Jean and Marguerite acquired 5 arpents by 126 deep in Beaupre.

10/18/1664, Louis Garnaud assisted at the L'Ange Gardien's first mass at the home of Jean Trudel. The celebrant is Father Louis Ango Des Maizerets. [The following year, the residents built a small chapel on the property of Nicholas Roussin.]

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Jean, a canvas weaver, 37, Marguerite 32, children: Jeanne 10, Pierre 8, Madeleine 7, Nicolas 4, Antoine 2; Michel Bigot 24 – domestic, engage.

4/3/1672, The church committee of Jacques Vezina, Jean Trudel and Charles Godin sold the church land to Rene Letarte for 650 livres and “keeping the animals and tools” and also an arpent of land detached from this land. The church committee then acquired a new piece of land, the land of the present church.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency; Jean 50, Marguerite 48, children: Nicolas 19, Philippe 14, Jean 13, Francois 8, Marguerite 10.

8/30/1695, Marguerite, age 61, died in L’Ange Gardien.

11/25/1699, Jean, age 70, died in L’Ange Gardien.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

i. Marie Jeanne Trudel, born 7/22/1656 in Quebec, Canada.
9/12/1667 in Ange Gardien, Jeanne married Jean Gerlaise, s/o Ferdinand.
11/30/1734, Jeanne, age 78, died in Louiseville, Canada.

ii. Pierre Trudel (1882), born 12/6/1657 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Madeleine Trudel, born 6/15/1659 in Quebec, Canada.
10/11/1674 in Charlesbourg, Madeleine married Pierre Lefebvre, s/o Olivier Lefebvre & Michelle Renous.
12/18/1700, Madeleine, age 41, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

iv. Nicolas Trudel, born 4/4/1662 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
1/7/1684 in Ange Gardien, Nicolas married Barbe, d/o Rene Letartre & Louise Goulet.
4/7/1729, Nicolas, age 67, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

v. Antoine Trudel, born 9/15/1663 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
2/19/1691 in Ange Gardien, Antoine married Marie Madeleine, d/o Francoise Gariepy & Marie Oudin.
4/30/1796 in Montreal, Antoine married Jeanne, d/o Jacques Pierre Thuillier & Jeanne Bernard.
5/22/1701, Antoine, age 38, died in Montreal.

vi. Philippe Trudel, born 3/26/1667 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
1/28/1696 in Ange Gardien, Philippe married Catherine, d/o Francoise Gariepy & Marie Oudin.
9/5/1733, Philippe, age 66, died in Quebec.

vii. Jean Trudel, born 6/28/1669 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
1/8/1691 in L’Ange Gardien, Jean married Louise, d/o Jean Mathieu & Anne Letartre.

viii. Marguerite Trudel, born 4/19/1671 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
1/10/1689 in Ange Gardien, Marguerite married Joseph Blondeau, s/o Francois.
5/6/1701, Marguerite, age 30, died in Charlesbourg.

ix. Francois Trudel, born 4/14/1673 in Chateau Richer, Canada. [Died age 12.]

x. Joseph Trudel, born 1/9/1676 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
11/23/1693 in Ange Gardien, Joseph married Marie Catherine, d/o Antoine Aussant & Marie Vezina.
2/8/1715, Joseph, age 39, died in Ange Gardien.

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