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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Louis Fontaine & Marie Madeleine Brassard

3886. Louis Fontaine & 3887. Marie Madeleine Brassard

1633, Louis born in Dieppe, Normandie, France; s/o §Louis Fontaine & §Marie Nion.

6/1/1642, Madeleine born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 4086. Antoine Brassard & 4087. Francoise Mery.

As a child Madeleine studied with the Ursulines.

4/30/1653 in St Nazaire, Louis, a sawyer, signed a contract to work in New France for a group of nuns.

By 8/3/1653, Louis traveled to Quebec, New France.

Louis a companion of Madeleine Vercheres, “Joan of Arc of Canada”. Madeleine was famous for her repulsion of an Iroquois attack with her siblings while her parents were away.

10/29/1656 in Quebec, Louis, age 23, married Madeleine, age 14, resident of Quebec. Louis’ origin given. All parents named. Attending: Jacques Hedouin [brother-in-law of Madeleine], Jacques Fortin.

3/4/1658 in Quebec, Louis attened the wedding of [his sister-in-law] 2042. Jean Francois Lemelin dit Tourangeau & 2043. Marie Marguerite Brassard.

1661, Louis a seaman.

10/19/1663, Louis received 6 arpents in Quebec from his father-in-law.

1666, Louis is a ship/boat pilot in Quebec, a hired servant of Louis’ is Nicolas Fournier of St Etienne de Marans.

1666 census of Quebec; Louis 33, Marie 24, children: Marie Anne 8, Louis 6, Jean 4, Pierre 3, Jean Francois 2, Simon 8 months; Nicolas Fournier 24 – domestic, engage.

1667, Louis held 6 arpents from his father-in-law Antoine Brassard in Quebec.

9/20/1668, Antoine & Francoise Brassard divided part of their land “located at the place called grand allee” among their 3 sons-in-law, Louis Fontaine, Jacques Hedouin, and Jean Lemelin.

5/26/1669, Louis, representing the heirs of his deceased father-in-law, requested an inventory of the property, called “la grande allee, parish of Notre-Dame de Quebec”.

1681 census of Charlesbourg; Louis 44, Marie 40, children: Louis 22, Jean 21, Pierre 20, Jean Francois 17, Simon 16, Charles 14, Madeleine 12, Francoise 9, Anne 6.

9/4/1685, Louis, age 52, died in Petitie Riviere.

11/12/1693, Madeleine contracted marriage with Jean Girard. [Girard spouse of Dorothee Racine.]

1/10/1694, Madeleine’s marriage with Jean Girard annulled.

5/2/1703, Madeleine, age 61, married 3724. Jean Normand, age 67.

9/21/1712, Madeleine, age 70, buried in the Church of the Recollets, Quebec.

Children of Louis and Madeleine: [Mnay children died young.]

i. Marie Anne Fontaine, born 8/18/1658 in Quebec, Canada.
8/20/1674 in Notre Dame de la Paix, Quebec, Anne married Jacques Fluet, s/o Gabriel.
5/7/1682 in Quebec, Anne married Jean Boutin, s/o Jean.
12/1/1739, Anne, age 81, died in Ancienne Lorette.

ii. Charles Fontaine, born 2/27/1669 in Quebec, Canada.
10/20/1698 in Quebec, Charles married Louise, d/o Jean Cauchon, s/o 7346. Jean Cauchon & 7347. Marguerite Cointerel.
4/27/1701 in Quebec, Charles married Marie Marguerite, d/o Michel Nicolas Legardeur & Marguerite Gaillard.
12/19/1702, Charles, age 33, died in Quebec.

iii. Marie Madeleine Fontaine (1943), born 2/6/1671 in Quebec, Canada.

iv. Francoise Fontaine, born 5/6/1672 in Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1688 in Charlesbourg, Francoise married Jean Baptiste Renaud, s/o Jacques.
1/17/1713 in Quebec, Francoise married Etienne Laine.

v. Anne Fontaine, born 5/3/1676 in Quebec, Canada.
4/24/1702 in Quebec, Anne married Thomas Jourdain.

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