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Monday, August 9, 2010

Louis Lefebvre & Marie Verneuil

3976. Louis Lefebvre & 3977. Marie Verneuil

~1613, Louis born in France; s/o §Jacques Levebvre.

5/24/1613, Marie born in Jambville, Meulan, France; d/o §Abel de Verneuil & §Charlotte Sirot.

11/19/1634 in Jambville, Ile-de-France, Louis married Marie. The parents are named in the wedding document.

Bef. 1651, Louis died in Vigny, France.

12/6/1681, Marie died in Vigny.

Children of Louis and Marie:

i. Claude Lefebvre (1988), born 1648 in Vigny, Pontoise, France.

ii. Pierre Lefebvre.
9/3/1668 in Touvoule, Pierre married Marguerite Mercure, d/o Blaise & Catherine.
Pierre Claude Levebvre, born 8/12/1669 in Vigny, France.
Jeanne Marguerite Levebvre, born 8/5/1671 in Vigny, France.

iii. Marie Lefebvre.
[Marie’s death record indicates she was a sister of Claude, and names her parents.]

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