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Monday, August 9, 2010

Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun & Charlotte Francoise Belanger

3988. Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun & 3989. Charlotte Francoise Belanger

2/24/1641, Jean born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 7178. Noel Langlois & 7179. Francoise Grenier.

6/25/1650, Charlotte born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 3624. Francois Belanger & 3625. Marie Guyon.

6/30/1650, Charlotte baptized.

10/19/1665 in Chateau Richer, Jean, resident of Cote de Beaupre, married Charlotte, resident of Chateau Richer. All parents named.

1666 census of Beauport, Jean Langlois Boisverdun 23, a ship carpenter, Marie Charlotte Bellanger 14.

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O.; Jean 40, Charlotte 30, children: Jean 14, Genevieve 9, Marie 6, Pierre 4, Joseph 1.

12/7/1688, Jean, age 47, died in St Joachim.

7/4/1691 in St Pierre, I.O., Charlotte, age 41, married [3990] Thomas Rousseau, age 60. [1 son.]

4/23/1693, Charlotte Belanger ratified an agreement reached between her husband Thomas and Francois Noel.

8/27/1695 in St Laurent, I.O., Charlotte, spouse of Thomas Rousseau, godmother at the baptism of Charles, s/o Michel Gosselin & Marie Mainville.

1698, Charlotte mentioned in a document of Etienne Jacob.

1701, Charlotte mentioned in a document of Etienne Jacob.

9/3/1702 in St Pierre, I.O., Charlotte godmother to Dorothee, d/o Pierre Langlois & Marie Angelique Baillargeon. Jean Coste was the godfather.

4/4/1707 in Chateau Richer, Charlotte Belanger, godmother and grandmother of Jacques Langlois, s/o Clement Langlois & Marie Prevost. The godfather was Joseph Cloutier.

10/3/1710, Charlotte died in Quebec. [The certificate is damaged, but this is likely Charlotte. Bef. 7/22/1715, Charlotte died. (S) Burial of son Guillaume.]

Children of Jean and Charlotte:

i. Jean Francois Langlois (1994), born 2/27/1667 in Chateau Richer, Canada.

ii. Genevieve Langlois, born 4/22/1672 in Quebec, Canada.
11/27/1690 in St Pierre, I.O., Genevieve married Guillaume Levitre, a ship’s carpenter.
10/14/1727, Genevieve, age 55, died in Quebec.

iii. Marie Madeleine Langlois, born 4/22/1672 in Quebec, Canada.
11/22/1691 in St Pierre, I.O., Madeleine married Jean Leclerc, a soldier, born 1659.
10/21/1701, Madeleine sold her share of the family inheritiance to her brother Pierre.
1/8/1709, Jean died, Madeleine was pregnant.
10/23/1710, Madeleine sold her remaining paternal inheritance to the husband of her sister Genevieve.
8/29/1741, Madeleine, age 67, died in Montmagny, buried the next day, a Tuesday.

iv. Pierre Langlois, born 12/18/1677 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/21/1701 in St Laurent, I.O., Pierre married Marie Angelique, d/o Nicolas Baillargeon & Anne Crepeau.
11/22/1717 in St Laurent, I.O., Pierre married Marie Madeleine, d/o Nicolas Godbout & Marguerite Angelique Lemelin.
3/26/1759, Pierre, age 82, died in St Pierre, I.O.

v. Joseph Langlois, born 12/18/1677 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
8/11/1705 in St Thomas, Joseph married Louise, d/o Jacques Nolin & Francoise Chalifour.
7/20/1715, Joseph, age 35, died in St Thomas, Montmagny.

vi. Clement Langlois, born 10/7/1682 in St Pierre, I.O., Canada.
6/25/1704 in Chateau Richer, Clement married Marie Anne, d/o Louis Prevost & Francoise Gagnon.
1718, Clement, age 36, married Madeleine Guyon, age 61, d/o Claude Guyon & Catherine Colin.
10/29/1747, Clement, age 65, died in in Chateau Richer.

vii. Elisabeth Langlois, born 1684 in Quebec, Canada.
1/7/1709 in L’Islet sur Mer, Elisabeth married Francois Gagne, s/o Pierre Gagne & Louise Faure.
6/14/1783, Elisabeth, age 99, died in St Jean Port Joli.

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