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Monday, August 9, 2010

Thomas Rousseau & Marguerite Olivier

3990. Thomas Rousseau & 3991. Marguerite Olivier

1631, Thomas born in D’Oroux, Poitiers, France; s/o 7980. Honore Rousseau & 7981. Marie Boillerot.

1637, Marguerite born in Caudebec-en-Caux, Rouen, Normandie, France; d/o §Jean Olivier & §Louise Prevost.

Thomas was well educated and was able to sign all of his documents.

1662-63, Thomas traveled to New France.

3/23/1664, Thomas, age 32, confirmed in Quebec.

7/14/1666, Thomas, living on the I.O., was hired on a 5-year contract by Jean Baptiste Puevret. Jacques Pauze was also a signer of the document. Thomas was provided with 2 large oxen; and had to return 80 minots of wheat and 25 of peas yearly.

9/30/1667, Thomas contracted to marry Madeleine [likely a fille de roy.] Both origins given. All parents named.

10/5/1667 in Quebec, Thomas married Madeleine. Attending: Jacques Dubois, Jacques Boucherat.

11/14/1667, Thomas leased for five years “a yellow-hide milk cow about seven years old”. Thomas promised to feed, shelter and keep it "well and duly". If, through the fault of Rousseau, the animal died, he had to pay 75 livres to the owner. Jacques Bernier dit Jean deParis and Guillaume Roger were present for the signing of the contract.

6/9/1668, Thomas worked land of 3 arpents frontage for Bishop Laval.

1676, Thomas mentioned in a debt granted to Michel Lecourt.

3/7/1678, Thomas mentioned in a report of the Sovereign Council; assigned to appraise some work that had been done.

2/3/1680, Thomas offered to buy some land of Pierre Ganet. The cabin on the land had stone walls and a straw roof.

1681 census, Thomas 55, Madeleine age 44; 15 arpents of land, a gun, 4 head of cattle, 7 children: Catherine, Marie, Genevieve, Martin, Pierre, Marguerite and Thomas.

4/21/1690, Madeleine, age 53, died in St Laurent, I.O. Claude Ruelle, Jacques Marceau, Charles Pouliot and Mathurin Chabot attended the burial.

11/27/1690 in St Pierre, I.O., Thomas attended the wedding of his step-daughter Madeleine to Jean Leclerc.

6/21/1691, Thomas contracted to marry [3989] Charlotte Belanger. [His son Jean would marry her daughter Genevieve.] The parties agreed to place their property in joint ownership, with the exclusion of those acquired before their marriage, neither being responsible for the debts already contracted by the other. Thomas promised Charlotte a “prefixed dowry” of 100 livres. He also gave her the assurance of humanely treating, sheltering, feeding and supporting her children, until they can earn their own living. Ignace Gosselin named guardian for the children of Marguerite Olivier and given control of their estates.

7/4/1691 in St Pierre, I.O., Thomas, age 60, married Charlotte, age 41. [1 son - Pierre.] The previous spouse of each is named and deceased. Attending: Nicolas Baillargeon of St Paul, Antoine Godebout of St Paul, Rene Olivier of St Pierre.

3/12/1693, Thomas confirmed to Francois Noel the deed as owner of some land.

4/5/1700, Ignace Gosselin, as guardian for the minor children of Thomas and Marguerite, appeared before the Soverign Council in the interest of the children.

10/11/1707, Thomas ceded half his property to his son Antoine, with whom they were living. [In the contract Thomas indicated his age as 98.]

10/3/1710, Charlotte died in Quebec.

7/26/1716, Thomas, age 85, died in Michon, St Pierre de la Riviere du Sud.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XIII.

Children of Thomas and Marguerite: [4 Children died young.]

i. Anne Catherine Rousseau, born 7/26/1668 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/12/1691 at Saint-Pierre, Ile d’Orleans, Anne married Simon Fournier, s/o 3986. Guillaume Fournier & 3987. Francoise Hebert.
12/8/1749, Anne buried at St. Pierre.

ii. Genevieve Rousseau (1995), born 5/6/1671 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.

iii. Martin Rousseau, born 12/25/1673 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
5/3/1700 in L’Islet, Martin married Elisabeth, d/o 1814. Francois Thibault & 1815. Elisabeth Agnes Lefebvre.
5/15/1715, Martin, age 42, died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

iv. Marguerite Rousseau, born 9/7/1676 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
5/30/1696 in St Thomas, Marguerite married Pierre Noel Morin, s/o Alphonse, s/o 3622. Noel Morin & 3623. Helene Desportes.
Bef. 10/23/1730, Marguerite died in St Pierre de la Riviere du Sud.

v. Louise Rousseau, born 3/20/1682 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
6/14/1701 in Montmagny, Louise married Jean Baptiste Proulx, s/o Jean.
10/1/1759, Louise, age 77, died in Montmagny.

vi. Antoine Rousseau, born 4/3/1684 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
4/9/1709 in St Laurent, I.O., Antoine married Anne Catherine, s/o Jacques Bouffard & Anne Marguerite Leclerc.
7/5/1761, Antoine, age 77, died in St Charles de Bellechasse.

vii. Jean Baptiste Rousseau, born 7/22/1686 in St Laurent, I.O., Canada.
5/23/1712 in Montmagny, Jean married Catherine, d/o Guillaume Rouleau & Catherine Dufresne.
11/17/1737 in St Michel, Jean married Madeleine, d/o Charles, s/o 3734. Philippe Destroismaisons dit Picard & 3735. Martine Crosnier.
3/5/1773, Jean, age 87, died in Montmagny.

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