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Monday, August 9, 2010

Laurent Migneron & Marie Guillaume

3998. Laurent Migneron & 3999. Marie Guillaume

1640, Laurent born in St-Hilaire de Chize, Niort, Poitiers, Poitou, France s/o §Pierre Migneron & §Marie Anne Plisson.

1651, Marie born in St Medard, Paris, France; d/o §Denis Guillaume & §Anne Caron.

Laurent traveled to New France.

4/11/1662, Laurent confirmed in Chateau Richer.

1666 census, Laurent, single and age 26, living in St Joachim de Beaupre, where he built a small wooden house.

3/1666, Laurent granted 3 arpents in Beaupre by Bishop Laval.

9/7/1666 in Chateau Richer, Laurent married Anne, d/o 7988. Pierre de StDenis & 7989. Vivienne Brunelle. [4 children.] All parents named. Laurent’s father deceased.

7/7/1667, Anne found guilty of beating Mr. Huot with a bludgeon; fined 25 livres.

1/15/1671 in Ange Gardien, Marie married Nicolas Maheu. Marie’s origin given. Marie’s parents named. Attending: Marc Barreau, Pierre Maheu, Pierre Testu.

10/17/1673, Nicolas Mahue, age 22, died when a tree fell on him.

10/10/1674, Anne StDenis died in Beaupre.

5/11/1675 in Ange Gardien, Laurent contracted to marry Marie. Laurent declared he had a small wooden house, a good stove with a few old pots, a wooden box containing the clothes of his first wife, 2 cows and 2 bulls, 2 calves and 2 sows.

5/20/1675, Laurent married widow Marie. All parents named and all deceased. Marie’s previous spouse named and deceased.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency, Laurent age 42, and Marie age 29, in Seigeurier de Beaupre; owned a gun, 5 cattle, 8 arpents of land.

6/1/1694, Laurent and Marie residents of Beaupre. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie Francoise.

11/5/1700, Laurent assigned his property to his daughter Anne [by 1st wife] and her husband Robert Dufour.

1703, Laurent died in St Joachim.

12/30/1705 in St Joachim, widow Marie present at the wedding of her daughter Marie.

Children of Laurent and Marie:

i. Marie Francoise Migneron (1999), born 12/3/1677 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.

ii. Ambroise Migneron, born 2/14/1682 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
8/3/1703 in Ste Famille, I.O., Ambroise married Genevieve, d/o Antoine Pepin & Marie Testu.

iii. Agnes Migneron, born 3/31/1684 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada.
10/29/1702 in St Joachim, Agnes married Paul Pepin, s/o Antoine Pepin & Marie Testu.
7/15/1743, Agnes, age 59, died in Montmagny.

iv. Marie Madeleine Migneron, born 10/6/1688 in St Joachim, Canada.
12/30/1705 in St Joachim, Madeleine married Joseph Berthelot, s/o Andre.
Bef. 1/24/1715, Madeleine, age 27, died.

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