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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mathurin Blais & Francoise Penigaud

4000. Mathurin Blais & 4001. Francoise Penigaud

6/16/1607, Mathurin born in Hanc, Angouleme, France; s/o 8000. Jacques Blais & 8001. Louise Penigaud.

3/8/1613, Francoise born in Hanc, Angouleme, France; d/o §Pierre Peniguad & §Michelle Tafforin.

11/9/1630 in Melleran, Mathurin 1st married Marie Auchier.

4/30/1634 in Melleran, Angouleme, France, Mathurin married Francoise. Witnesses: Jean Carrier, Denis Richard, Nicolas Blanchard, and “procurer-fiscal” Pierre Alix, and Mathurin’s father Jacques.

Child of Mathurin and Francoise:

i. Pierre Blais (2000), born 11/29/1639 in Hanc, Angouleme, France.

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