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Monday, August 9, 2010

M: 4002

4002. Jean Perrault & 4003. Jeanne Valta

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3/15/1612, Jean born in Paris, Ile de France, France; s/o §Lambert Perreault & §Marguerite Charel.

4/24/1638 in Paris, Jean married Jeanne.

Children of Jean and Jeanne:

i. Francois Perreault, born 3/14/1629 in France.

ii. Isabelle Perreault, born 5/3/1640 in France.

iii. Francoise Perreault, born 1/4/1641 in France.

iv. Lambert Perreault, born 4/27/1643 in France.

v. Anne Perrault (2001), born 11/17/1647 in Paris, Ild de France, France.

vi. Marie Perreault, born 8/24/1645 in France.

vii. Henri Perreault, born 11/5/1648 in France.

viii. Pierrette Perreault, born 6/13/1650 in France.

ix. Madeleine Perreault, born 8/25/1653 in France.

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