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Monday, August 9, 2010

M: 4038

4038. Simon Chamberlan & 4039. Marie Boileau

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1642, Simon born in Chantonnay, La Roche-sur-Yon, Lucon, Poitou, France; s/o §Rene Chamberlan & §Catherine David.

1649, Marie born in St-Jean d'Arcay, Chatellerault, Poitiers, France; d/o 8078. Rene Boileau & 8079. Joachine Serrant.

11/12/1665, Simon, of Eveche de Lucon, confirmed in Quebec.

1666 census of Quebec City, Simon a domestic for Pierre Loignon, who is married to Francoise Roussin, d/o 3640. Jean Issac Roussin & 3641. Madeleine Giguere.

1666 census of Quebec City, Marie a servant in the home of Pierre Denis de LaRonde. [Marie’s sister Marguerite had traveled to New France in 1662.]

7/11/1667, Marie’s marriage to Isaac DeLavant annulled.

1668 in I.O., Marie married Pierre Chauvin. [1 daughter]

11/28/1669 in Ste Famille, I.O., Simon married widow Marie. Simon’s origin given. Marie’s deceased husband named. Attending: [3750] Abel Turcotte, Benoit Pousard.

10/1681 of Qubec, I.O., Simon, Marie, and children Ignatius, Louis Simon, Catherine, Gabriel; 5 cattle, a gun, 15 arpents of land.

11/22/1688, Simon died in Hotel Dieu du Quebec.

4/4/1690 in St Francois, I.O., Marie married Jean Jolin. [1 son.]

7/20/1721, Marie died in St Francois, I.O.

Children of Simon and Marie:

i. Catherine Chamberland (2019), born 11/7/1671 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.

ii. Simon Chamberland, born 1/29/1674 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
4/28/1692 in Ste Famille, Simon married Elisabeth, d/o Pierre Rondeau & Catherine Verrier.

iii. Gabriel Chamberland, born 2/23/1677 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/3/1694 in St Francois, I.O., Gabriel married Catherine, d/o 3892. Charles Allaire & 3893. Catherine Fiebvre.
1758, Gabriel, age 81, died in Quebec.

iv. Ignace Chamberland, born 8/11/1681 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
3/2/1699 in St Jean, I.O., Ignace married Marie Madeleine, d/o Pierre Rondeau & Catherine Verrier.
8/26/1745, Ignace, age 64, died in St Michel de la Durantaye.

v. Marie Madeleine Chamberland, born 2/23/1677 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
11/15/1700 in St Francois, I.O., Madeleine married Francois Quemeneur, s/o Herve.
11/13/1765, Madeleine, age 80, died in Ste Famille.

vi. Jean Chamberland, born 3/22/1689 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
1716, Jean married Marie Pacquet, widow of Robert Riviere.

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