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Friday, August 13, 2010

M: 4994

4994. Thomas Clifton & 4995. Mary ?

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1600, Mary born in England.

1606, Thomas born in England.

By 1643, Thomas immigrated to America to MA.

1643, Thomas listed as a “first purchaser” of land in Rehoboth valued at £160.

6/31/1644, in the lottery for the woodland between the plain and the town, Thomas number 48.

6/9/1645, in the lottery for the great plain, Thomas number 19.

2/18/1646, in the lottery for the new meadow, Thomas number 5.

5/26/1647 in Rehoboth, Thomas chosen to be grand-jury-men for this year.

1658, Thomas’ daughter Hope Clifton, now a Quaker, a victim of Puritan intolerance, banished from MA undr apin of death.

Thomas, who had become a Quaker, moved to Newport, RI.

1667, Thomas, living in Newport, RI, bought land at Monmouth, NJ [named as an original purchaser – this included many others from the original Rehoboth settlement.]

4/13/1675, Thomas signed the certificate at the wedding of Walter Newberry.

1681, 5th month, Thomas drowned while “washing”, about age 75.

1686-7, 11th month, Mary died, about age 87.

Family notes:
• Rehoboth is very close to, and just east of, Providence, RI.

Children of Thomas and Mary:

i. Mary Clifton (2497), born 1628 in Wales, England.

ii. Hope Clifton, born ~1640 in Wales, England.
1665 in RI, Hope married Christopher Holder, one of the founders of Quakerism in America.
1680, 1st month, in Newport, RI, Hope died, buried in ground donated by her father.

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