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Friday, August 13, 2010

M: 4996 Wood-Carter

4996. John Wood & 4997. Margaret Carter

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4/12/1590, John christened in Mitcham, Surrey, England; s/o 9992. Henry Wood & 9993. Margaret Dynnes.

1592, Margaret born in Mitcham, Surrey, England. [There are various genealogies of equal validity on Margaret’s parents.]

1/28/1610 in St Savior’s of Southwark, Essex, England, John married Margaret.

John and Margaret traveled to America.

1636, John, a mariner associated with Winthrop merchant shipping, and the ship “Bacheler”.

1637, John Wood, Masters Mate of the ship “Hector”. (S) Letter of Francis Kirby. [Sons Frederick and George also mentioned.]

Margaret died in Long Island, NY. [Margaret and son Frederick likely died in the Maspeth Massacre of 1643 in NY.]

6/7/1643 in Newport, John sued by John Richman for trespass.

10/26/1643, John, a fellow citizen, signed a peititon by Jane Armitage of Lynn to the MA Court.

Aft. 1643, John married 2nd Elizabeth.

1/10/1648, John a member of the town council of Portsmouth.

3/1655, John died intestate in Portsmouth, RI; wife Elizabeth named executrix [by the sons of John: Thomas and William.]

3/17/1655, the town council disposed of John’s estate: to John Wood …, to Thomas Wood …, To William Wood …, To widow rest of land …, she paying eldest son of deceased four pounds. To two youngest children Susannah and Elizabeth eight pounds each at age 16. William Wood to have all land in the widow’s possession at her decease, she being his mother-in-law [step mother.]

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. John Wood Jr, born 1620.

ii. Margaret Wood.
Margaret married Thomas Manchester.

iii. Thomas Wood (2498), born 1638 in Portsmouth, RI.

iv. William Wood, born as early as 1640.