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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Noel Langlois & Francoise Grenier

7178. Noel Langlois & 7179. Francoise Grenier

3/16/1604, Francoise born in Coutran Laferte, Champagne, France; d/o §Guillaume Garnier & §Michelle Marille.

6/4/1606, Noel born in St-Léonard-des-Parcs, Alençon, Normandie, France; s/o 14494. Guillaume Langlois & 14495. Jeanne Millet.

6/4/1634, Noel arrived with Samuel de Champlain aboard the ship St Jehan, a member of the 1st group of settlers recruited by Robert Giffard.

6/25/1634, Francoise arrived by ship with Robert Giffard.

7/25/1634 in Quebec, Noel married Francoise. Attending: Robert Giffart, surgeon, and Noel Jinchereau.

6/29/1637, Noel granted 300 arpents west of Montmorency Falls in Beauport.

9/2/1637, Anne, their first child, baptized in Quebec. Godparents: 3624. Francois Belanger; and Anne Cloutier, wife of 3674. Robert Drouin.

10/25/1637, Noel attended the wedding of 7308. Robert Caron & 7309. Marie Crevet.

1641, Noel and Jean Cote contracted to supply 500 bundles of hay at 80 livres per bundle.

1643, Noel and family lived in Montreal.

10/22/1653, Noel and Francoise residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of Daughter Marguerite.

8/10/1659, at Quebec, Msgr. de Laval administered the sacrament of Confirmation to Noel Langlois, 52 years old.

10/19/1661 in Beauport, Noel attended the wedding of 3596. Michel Baugis & 3597. Marie Madeleine Dubois.

10/19/1665, Noel and Francoise residents of Cote de Beaupre, Notre Dame du Quebec. (S) Wedding of son Jean.

1665, Francoise was gravely wounded [or possibly very ill.]

10/31/1665, Noel and Francoise, because of her condition, made donations of their property to their two youngest sons; and designated all other property to go to the surviving spouse.

11/16/1664 in Beauport, Noel attended the wedding of 1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Marie Therese LeBlanc.

11/1/1665, Francoise, age 61, died in Quebec.

1666 census of Beauport, Noel age 60, a widower, sons Jean and Noel listed with him.

Noel was a riverboat pilot, fisherman, and ship carpenter.

7/27/1666 in Chateau Richer, Noel of Beauport, married widow 7309. Marie Crevet of Ste Anne de Beaupre. Marie’s 1st husband named. Attending: Etienne Lessart, Pierre Picard, Jean Caron.

1681 census of Beauport, Noel age 78, Marie age 71.

6/14/1683, Noel, confined to bed by illness, drew up a division of his property.

7/14/1684, Noel died; buried the next day. “Noël Langlois, the oldest settler in the country at age 80, died the previous day in piety after having received all the Church's sacraments and having lived a model life with the approval of all the parish.”

Family notes:
• According to the PRDH database, Noel had the 5th most number of married descendants before 1800 of all settlers: 7,847.
• Noel the brother of Jean Langlois, a pilot in Quebec in 1649 and 1658.

Children of Noel and Francoise:

i. Anne Langlois, born 9/2/1637 in Quebec, Canada.
11/9/1649 in Beauport, Anne married Jean Pelletier, s/o Guillaume.
3/16/1704, Anne, age 67, died in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska.

ii. Marguerite Langlois (3589), baptized 9/3/1639 in Beauport, Canada.

iii. Jean Langlois (3988), born 2/24/1641 in Quebec, Canada.

iv. Jeanne Langlois, born 1/1/1643 in Montreal, Canada.
1/9/1656 in Beauport, Jeanne married Rene Chevalier.
7/13/1687, Jeanne, age 44, died in Beauport.

v. Elisabeth Langlois, born 2/21/1645 in Quebec, Canada.
11/6/1662 in Beauport, Elisabeth married Louis Cote, s/o 1832. Jean Cote & 1833. Anne Martin.
12/15/1669 in Beauport, Elisabeth married Guillaume Lemieux, s/o Pierre Lemieux & Marie Bernard.
11/18/1696, Elisabeth, age 51, died on Ile aux Grues.

vi. Marie Langlois, born 2/21/1645 in Quebec, Canada.
8/10/1660 in Quebec, Marie married Francois Miville, s/o Pierre Miville & Charlotte Mauger.
8/14/1687, Marie, age 41, died in Quebec.

vii. Jean Langlois dit St Jean, born 12/19/1648 in Quebec, Canada.
12/5/1675 in Quebec, Jean married Marie, d/o 3590. Charles Cadieux & 3591. Madeleine Macart.
10/21/1690, Jean, age 42, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

iv. Noel Langlois dit Traversy, born 12/7/1651 in Quebec, Canada.
1/6/1677 in Beauport, Noel married Aimee, d/o 7308. Robert Caron & 7309. Marie Crevet.
5/25/1677, the seigneruie of Port-Joly ceded by Frontenac to Noel.
11/19/1686, Noel sold Port-Joly to Sieur de la Chesnaye.
12/2/1686 in Beauport, Noel married Genevieve, d/o 3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau.
10/8/1693, Noel, age 42, died in Beauport.

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