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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charles Lavallee & Jehanne Elie

7184. Charles Lavallee & 7185. Jehanne Elie

1584, Charles born in France.

1596, Jehanne born in Saverdun, Arige, France.

11/11/1607 in France, Charles 1st married Fleurence de Sahurs. [3 children.]

12/25/1616 in France, Charles married Jehanne. [10 children: Marie, Jean, Jacques, Louis, Pierre, Marguerite, Jean, Robert, Adrianne, and Louis.]

Aft. 9/28/1631, Charles married 3rd Anne Elie [likely related to Jehanne, 3 children.]

Aft. 1637, Charles died.

Child of Charles and Jehanne:

i. Pierre Lavallee (3592), baptized 12/7/1618 in Saint-Saens, Rouen, Normandie, France.

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