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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jacques Badeau & Anne Ardouin

7198. Jacques Badeau & 7199. Anne Ardouin

1615, Jacques born in St Sauveur, La Rochelle, France.

1615, Anne born in La Rochelle, Charente, France; d/o §Jehan Ardouin & §Anne Mouchard.

1631 in La Rochelle, Jacques married Anne.

4/12/1647, Jacques contracted in La Rochelle to work in New France.

1647, Jacques, an ox plowman, arrived in New France with his family to be a share cropper for the Jesuits.

4/7/1651, Jacques given a land grant near the Beauport river by the Jesuits. [In Notre-Dame-des-Anges.]

2/9/1654, Jacques and Anne residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of daughter Jeanne.

6/20/1654, Jacques lives next to Robert Drouin.

8/17/1658, Jacques, age 43, died in Quebec.

7/2/1662, at the home of widow Anne Ardouin, Jacques Asselin contracted to marry Louise Roussin.

1666, Anne hired Francois Allard to work on the family farm in Beauport.

1667 census of Charlesbourg, Anne Ardouin 52, a widow and habitant, Francois Allard 25.

10/11/1670, Anne died in Quebec.

Children of Jacques and Anne:

i. Francois Badeau, born 8/10/1632 in Ste. Marguerite of La Rochelle, Aunis, France. [Died age 35]
Francois the Notary of the lordships of Beauport, Notre-Dame-des-Anges and Ile d'Orleans.

ii. Madeleine Badeau, baptized 4/24/1634 Ste. Marguerite of La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
[Died in France.]

iii. Jeanne Badeau (3599), born 1637 in Ste. Marguerite of La Rochelle, Aunis, France.

iv. Jean Badeau, born 1641 in Ste. Marguerite of La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
10/28/1665 in Quebec, Jean married Marguerite, d/o Paul Charles Chalifour & Jacquette Archambault.
8/27/1711, Jean, age 70, died in Quebec.

v. Suzanne Badeau, born 8/15/1651 in Quebec, Canada.
7/26/1665 in Quebec, Canada, Suzanne married Jean Rainville, s/o 7174. Paul de Rainville & 7175. Roline Poete.
12/1699, Suzanne, age 18, died in Beauport.

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