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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Andre Bernard & Marie Andree Guyon

7202. Andre Bernard & 7203. Marie Andree Guyon

1615, Andre born in Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, En Vendee, France; s/o §Isaac Bernard & §Francoise Moinet.

1616, Marie born in La Chaussee, Loudun, France.

1620, christening of Andre in Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, En Vendee, France.

1641, Andre arrived in Acadia, serving in the dwelling of the sior Charles de Latour in Jemseg. Claude de LaTour held the St. John River area in what is now New Brunswick (then Acadia). Isaac de Razilly of Tourainne granted LaTour the Signeurie de Jemseg a rich hunting and fishing area along the Sainte John River. It was there that Claude de LaTour built Fort Jemseg.

1642, Andre married Marie in Jemseg, Riviere St. Jean, Acadia.

4/17/1645, Andre captured in battle for Ft. Jemseg. In Apr., ... d’Aulnay, the Governor of Acadia decided to mount a decisive attack on Fort Jemseg. Madame de LaTour and 50 men bravely resisted the attack. At the time, Claude de LaTour was in Boston. It was a murderous fight. d’Aulnay lost 33 men, but succeeded in capturing the fort after a three-day battle ending on 4/17/1645. He seized “Jewels, silver and furnishings worth up to 10,000 louis”. Many of LaTour’s men were hanged after Council deliberations “to serve as an example, and as a lesson to posterity of such an obstinate rebellion.”

5/14/1645, Andre’s life was spared when he signed an affidavit.

1645, Andre escaped to France via New York.

1645–1652, Marie 2nd married Antoine Belliveau.

Aft. 1653, Andre returned to New France after the rehabilitation of Claude de LaTour by the court of France. Andre then spent the remainder of his life living with the MicMacs in the woods around Port Royal. He eventually married a native woman and had two sons. Records for their descendants can be found in the MicMac/Maliseet holdings at the University of New Brunswick.

Andre died in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

1671 Census, Port Royal, Antoine 50, wife Andree Guion, Jean 19, 1 daughter, 8 sheep, 11 cattle.

1686 Census, Port Royal, Antoine Bellineault 70, Andree Guion 70, Jean 34, Jeanne Bourre (wife) 28, their children Jean 14, Magdelaine 12, Charles 8, Antoine 7; 2 guns, 4 arpents, 16 cattle, 12 sheep, 12 hogs.

1714, Marie died in Port Royal, Acadia.

Children of Andre and Marie:

i. Jeanne Bernard De Saint, born 1643 in Jemseg, New Brunswick, Acadia.
1666, Jeanne married Guyon Denis Chaisson dit Lavallee, s/o Pierre, in Port Royal Annapolis, Nova Scotia. They remained in Port Royal for several years.
1682, Jeanne died [probably a complication of childbirth.]

ii. Marie Bernard (3601), born 1645, Marie born in Port Royal, Canada.

Children of Marie and Antoine:

iii. Jean Belliveau, born 1652.
Jean 1st married Jeanne Bourre.
Jean 2nd married C├ęcile Melanson, d/o Charles & Marie Dugas, widow of Abraham Boudrot.
1686 Census of Port Royal – see parents.
1693, his 13-year-old niece Anne, d/o Jeanne lives with him.
1700, his 20-year-old niece Anne, d/o Jeanne lives with him.
     Jean Belliveau, born 1672.
     Magdelaine Belliveau, born 1674.
     Charles Belliveau, born 1678.
     Antoine Belliveau, born 1679.

Children of Andre and ?:

iv. Nicolas Bernard, born 1662.

v. Rene Bernard, born 1663.

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