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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jean Theriault & Perrine Rau

7206. Jean Theriault & 7207. Perrine Rau

1601, Jean born in Martaize, France.

1611, Perrine born in La Chaussee, France.

6/20/1632, Jean “Terriot” saild from La Rochelle on an expedition to New France.

1635, Jean returned to France.

1635 in Martaize, France, Jean married Perrine.

3/1636, Jean and Perrine left France for New France.

1671 census of Port Royal: Jean “Terriau” 70, wife Perrine Rau 60, children, Claude 34, Jean 32, Bonaventure 30, Germain 25, Jeanne 27, Catherine 21, Pierre 16; cattle 6, sheep 1.

1686, Jean, age 85, died in Port Royal, Canada.

1686, Perrien, age 75, died in Port Royal, Canada.

(S) Terriot Acadian Family Society, Harvard, MA.

Children of Jean and Perrine:

i. Claude Theriault, born 1637 in Port Royal, Acadia.
1/8/1661 in Port Royal, Claude married Marie, d/o Francois Gautrot & Edmee Briard.
9/17/1725, Claude, age 89, died in Port Royal.

ii. Bonaventure Theriault, born 1641 in Port Royal, Acadia.
1665 in Port Royal, Bonaventure married Jeanne, d/o Michel Boudreau & Michelle Aucoin.

iii. Jeanne Theriault (3603), born 1643 born in Port Royal, Acadia.

iv. Germain Theriault, born 1646 in Port Royal, Acadia.
1668 in Port Royal, Germain married Andree, d/o Vincent Brun & Marie Renee Brault.
1678, Germain died in Port Royal.

v. Catherine Theriault, born 1650 in Port Royal, Acadia.
1669 in Port Royal, Catherine married Pierre Guibault.
7/21/1713, Catherine, age 63, died in Port Royal.

vi. Pierre Theriault, born 1654 in Port Royal, Acadia.
1678 in Port Royal, Pierre married Cecile, d/o 3600. Rene Landry le Jeune & 3601. Marie Bernard.
3/21/1725, Pierre, age 71, died in Grand Pre, Acadie.

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